Dr. Jeff Young, Professor, Management

Dr Jeff Young

Dr. Jeff Young is a Professor in the Department of Business and Tourism at Mount Saint Vincent University, Halifax where he teaches courses on management and organizations. He also teaches in the Executive MBA program at the Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary’s University, where he has taught Organizational Behaviour and Theory for more than 10 years.

Dr. Young holds a BA and BEd (Dalhousie University), an MBA (Saint Mary’s University), an MA – Educational Psychology (Mount Saint Vincent University), and a PhD (Dalhousie University).

Dr. Young’s research focuses on management development and workplace learning, with particular emphasis on learning styles, learning preferences, learning strategies and learning outcomes. His research has appeared in a variety of academic journals including Journal of Workplace Learning, Management Learning, Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship, and the North American Journal of Psychology. He has also presented papers at a number of regional, national and international conferences, most recently in Las Vegas and Chicago. In June of 2007 he presented a paper (with Professor Wendy Doyle), “Workplace learning strategies of managers in small and large firms in knowledge-based industries,” at the University Forum on Human Resource Development at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford, UK.

Over the past 20 years, Dr. Young has conducted a variety of management-development workshops for managers from various organizations in Canada, Hungary and Jamaica. In 2005 and 2006 he was part of a Canadian project team working on curriculum redesign and faculty development in public universities in Yemen.

Detailed Profile

Dr. Jeff Young

Office: McCain Centre 405E
Phone: 902 457 6361
Fax: 902 445 2582
Email: Jeff.Young@msvu.ca
Office hours: Available by appointment.

BA, B.Ed. (Dalhousie), MBA (Saint Mary’s), MA (Mount Saint Vincent), Ph.D. (Dalhousie)

Joined MSVU: 1987

Relevant Prior Work Experience:
Retail management, hospitality management, educator, retail service.

Courses Taught:
BUSI 1112 (Introduction to Business Administration), BUSI 2214 (Organizational Behaviour: Individuals in Organizations), BUSI 2215 (Organizational Behaviour: Groups, Structure, and Culture), BUSI 3316 (Organizational Topics), BUSI 4417 (Recruitment and Selection)

Research Interests:
Entrepreneurship, workplace learning, organizational structure, cognitive styles, learning preferences.

Research Grants:

  • SSHRC grant, $23,877 with Prof. Wendy Doyle, focusing on management learning in large and small businesses.
  • Internal research grant, $4,700, with Prof. Bob Bagg, Prof. Wendy Doyle, and Prof. Elizabeth Hicks, focusing on practicing accountants, workplace learning, and learning strategies, barriers, facilitators, and cognitive styles.

Academic Activities and Publications (since 2000):

Journals and Conference Proceedings

  • Hicks, E., Doyle, W., Bagg, R., & Young, J. D. (2007). Canadian accountants: Examining workplace learning. In press, Journal of Workplace Learning.
  • Harkins, M. J., Evans, C., & Young, J. D. (2007). School teachers and workplace learning: Cognitive styles and learning preferences linkages. Accepted for Proceedings of the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences, Las Vegas, Nevada.
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DuBrin, A. J., & Young, J. D. (2007). Fundamentals of organizational behaviour (1st Canadian ed.). Toronto: Thomson Nelson.
Canadian adaptation of the text, Fundamentals of organizational behaviour, by Andrew J. DuBrin, for Thomson Nelson. (2007)

Young, J. (1995). Linda’s bed and breakfast. Entrepreneurship business case studies. Wolfville, Nova Scotia: Acadia Institute for Case Studies.

Professional Activities:

Business Development Bank (BDC) Research Project (2001). Member of the research team responsible for the training and management development of women entrepreneurs theme. This project involved reviewing all of the published research literature on women entrepreneurs and training and development that has been conducted in Canada during the 1990s, summarizing this literature review and identifying research gaps. It resulted in a report, Women Entrepreneurs in Canada in the 1990s and an Annotated Bibliography (with S. Brown, W. Doyle, H. Mallette, and D. Purcell). Research funded by BDC.

Organizations and Committees

  • Human Resource Association of Nova Scotia. Member, Small Business and Human Resources Committee.
  • Academy of Human Resource Development.