This page contains the project’s core documents describing its governance structure and decision-making processes.

Overall Governance Model

The Research Partnership Agreement (RPA) will be governed by the ‘The Research Committee'(RC). The RC will be composed of the core research team. For the purposes of this RPA, the entire core team is comprised of the assemblage of researchers specified below.

The core research team is comprised of:

Dr. L. Jane McMillan, Canada Research Chair and Primary Researcher, Department of Anthropology, St.FX

Dr. Anthony Davis, Co-Researcher, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, MSVU

Dr. Mary Jane Harkins, Co-Researcher, Faculty of Education, MSVU

Mr. Kerry Prosper, Co-Researcher, Director, Paq’tnkek Fish and Wildlife Society

Ms. Mary Jane Paulette, Co-Researcher, Senior Researcher, Paq’tnkek Fish and Wildlife Society

The RC meetings will be chaired on a rotational basis by research team members. All RC members have voting privileges. Ideally, RC decisions will be arrived through a consensual process. Should voting become necessary, the RC Chair will follow ‘Robert’s Rules of Order’ respecting the tabling of formal motions and the conduct of secret ballots. All motions and the outcomes of votes will be recorded in the minutes of RC meetings.

Minutes of RC decisions will be taken during every RC meeting by the designated Recording Secretary. The initial RC partners understand that as the research develops additional partners may be invited to join. The RC will consider proposals for new partners. Invitations to join the research team will arise from RC decisions. New research partners will be entitled to full representation on and participation in the RC. Decisions regarding new research partners will be made only through consensus of all RC members.

Key Documents

SSHRC Research Grant application

Researcher Protocol