PACE with children

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What is PACE?

PACE (Physically Active Children Excel) is a community play-based physical movement program for children from diverse backgrounds, ages 4-7 years. PACE provides opportunities for children to develop basic movement patterns, and gain confidence in their physical, social and cognitive abilities.


The PACE program is to provide young children from diverse background opportunity to develop their basic movement skills and become confident, life long movers through a fun, play-based learning environment.

Values and Principles:

Physical Literacy:

Children will begin to understand the importance of movement, and develop the confidence and self assurance to engage in physical activity across their life span.

Capacity Approach:

Children will understand better 'what they can do' and utilize their physical capacities to support their daily activities.


Children will have increased opportunities at school and in their communities to reach their full potential.

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How is the PACE program structured?

  •  PACE is offered one morning a week at Mount Saint Vincent University, and runs for approximately 60 minutes from start to finish.
  • PACE utilizes the Active Start framework designed by Canadian Sport for Life. Active Start focuses on teaching young children's basic movement skills through play-based learning.
  • PACE is delivered by Child and Youth Study and Education students. All students are trained and have certification in Active Start, NCCP certified.
  • The ratio of children to instructors is 2:1.
  • PACE incorporates adaptive physical education practices to help children succeed in the learning setting.

Upcoming Events:

We are currently looking for student volunteers for the academic year 2018-2019. If you are a CYS student and would like to volunteer

with PACE on a Thursday mornings (10:00am-12:00pm), please contact Sarah Reddington or sign up on the  PACE volunteer sheet

posted outside EV 341. PACE is an excellent hands-on volunteer opportunity for you to learn about movement education and

gain experience working with young children from our community.  Click HERE for additional details on PACE.

Contact Us:

For more information, contact Dr. Sarah Reddington, Assistant Professor, Department of Child and Youth Study, at

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