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Carmel French, BAEd (Memorial), Grad. Dip. in Special Ed., MEd, PhD (Alberta), Professor Emeritus Profile

Kim Kienapple, Dean of Professional Studies, BA (Waterloo), MS, PhD (Purdue), Professor

Christine McLean, BA (MSVU), BEd (Wolfville), MA (Ohio), PhD Candidate (Toronto), Assistant Professor Profile

Jessie-Lee McIssac, BSc (Dalhousie), MSc, PhD (Alberta), Assistant Professor, Profile

Jonathon MeDrano, BA (UIC), MA, PhD (UChicago), Assistant Professor, Profile

Fernando Nunes, Department Chair, BA (York), MEd, PhD (Toronto), Associate Professor Profile

Sarah Reddington, BA/BPE (Acadia), MEd (Wolfville), PhD (South Australia), Assistant Professor Profile

Shane Theunissen, BA (Western), BEd Honours (Thunder Bay), PhD (Halifax), Assistant Professor Profile

Joan Turner, BA (Winnipeg), MSc (Manitoba), PhD (Missouri), Professor Profile

Donna Varga, BASc (Guelph), MA, PhD (Toronto), Professor Profile