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What is coming up in 2019? 

Conflict Management and Resolution in the Workplace - October 18, 2019 12pm to 1:30pm
Conciliation and Mediation Services (CMS) is a team of neutral third parties that provides impartial alternative dispute resolution services to unionized workplaces across Nova Scotia free of charge, every day. As such, they regularly work with individuals and groups who are experiencing conflict.

Let’s face it, conflict is all around us. It impacts many workplaces and labour-management relationships negatively when it is not managed effectively. This 1.5 hour workshop explores the definition of conflict, its causes, and the potential costs and benefits associated with it. You will learn and apply a framework for managing and resolving conflict effectively to minimize the costs and maximize the benefits!

eBay: The Future of Retail - October 22, 11:30am to 2pm
Technology has changed the face of retail, creating a more inclusive, trusted and simplified environment for buyers and sellers to connect and transact from anywhere in the world. Never before has there been a greater opportunity for global trade. Join us as Rob Bigler, Chief Operations Officer, eBay Canada & Latin America, will explore how technology offers retail businesses of all shapes and sizes in Nova Scotia, Canada around the world access and abilities to reach new markets.

Wonder Woman Conference - December 6, 2019, 8am to 3pm
Wonder Women brings together ambitious women to connect, educate, inspire and empower one another to take on new and expanded roles in work, community and life.

The Wonder Women series offers female-driven content featuring local, professional superheroes. Build meaningful relationships with women across all industries and participate in workshops on personal branding, owning your ambition, breaking down barriers and unleashing your superpowers.

"The Chamber of Commerce?s Wonder Women Series is one of the best events I have been a part of over my many years in the professional ?scene? in Halifax. The content was fresh, the energy positive and inspiring, and the connections made and reinforced were genuine. I would highly encourage anyone with women in their workforce to SEND THEM to this conference." - Leah Rimmer - Partner, Boyneclarke
All Superheroes welcome- regardless of gender!

Annual State of the Municipality with Mayor Mike Savage November 15, 11am to 1:30pm
With steady growth of the Halifax region, and through ongoing work to ensure the upward trend continues, the city looks and feels much different than it did a decade ago. We are achieving sustainable, progressive growth, creating new opportunities for young people and attracting more people from more places to Halifax.

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Students who sign up and do not attend will not be eligible to participate in the Fall 2019 passport program for LP bonus points.

Halifax Chamber of Commerce  Events Calendar

Mount students registered in the Business or Tourism Programs are considered members of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce and have access to information and great offers, including but not limited to:

  • Join one (or many!) of our 100+ events and make connections to the business community. These businesses are the companies that will be looking to hire students, like yourself, in the future! 
  • Discounts from our many Benefit Providers including Home & Auto insurance with TD Insurance. Logo300
  • Access to our Member Directory, a great way to connect with local businesses. 
  • M2M Marketplace offers.

November 2017
The Mount's Business Administration and Tourism and Hospitality programs are featured in the Business Voice - the Halifax Chamber of Commerce business magazine.

Read about our Success

April 18, 2017
The Business and Tourism Department at Mount Saint Vincent University is making strides in efforts to give students every possible advantage. Dr. Peter Mombourquette, Chair and Associate Professor of the Mount’s Department of Business Administration and Tourism, has reached an exciting new agreement on behalf of all Business and Tourism students: As of April 1st, 2017, students in these programs at the Mount will be members of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce and benefit from all the Chamber has to offer.

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  • Agreement sees MSVU business students join Halifax Chamber of Commerce, Apr 21.
    [Academica's Top Ten]

WW2018Event2The Business and Tourism Department was excited to share the Wonder Woman Workshop with two students this semester. They were able to experience a motivational and empowering event led by two female keynotes and an incredible panel filled with inspiring women who shared their knowledge on how to be your own Wonder Woman!  



WWW2Mar22018Four of our students were able to experience this inspiring event which included two female-driven workshops, followed by an all-star panel of local, uplifting women who shared their experiences on success, careers and how a Wonder Women could have it all!

Wonder Woman Workshop details


The Grow2017May17GrowHFX HALIFAX initiative aims to bring local entrepreneurs closer to the resources they need to overcome their barriers to organizational growth. It is an afternoon of networking with leaders from your business community. 


Patrick Sullivan, President & CEO of the Halifax Chamber of Commerce
- and a graduate of our Business Administration program.

PatrickSullivan President&CEO ChamberofCommerceDr. Peter Mombourquette, Chair, Business Administration
and Tourism and Hospitality program, the Mount.

PeterMombour ChairofBusinessandTourismMSVU