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Dr. Mallika Das, Professor, Marketing

Mallika 2Mallika Das, M.Sc, MBA, Ph.D, has been teaching in the Department of Business and Tourism at Mount Saint Vincent University since 1982.  Currently a Full Professor at the Mount, Dr. Das teaches business ethics, managing diversity, marketing research, marketing strategy and consumer behaviour.

Dr. Das has written over 60 articles, papers and cases in areas such managing diversity, women and entrepreneurship, services marketing and cross-cultural issues in marketing. Her case studies have been published in several text books. She has also worked on several student and company projects on a variety of topics such as satisfaction with church services, company location studies, alumni surveys and customer satisfaction surveys for various organizations. Dr. Das has served as program evaluator for CIDA projects, conducted a diversity audit for the Halifax Regional Police Department, and a feasibility study for the Resource Recovery Board of Nova Scotia.  Her current research projects are in the areas of gender-role stereotypes in Indian advertising and tourism to World Heritage Sites.

Dr. Das has been actively involved with the distance education program at the Mount.  She proposed and developed Women in Management and Managing Diversity courses at the Mount and has taught the Managing Diversity course on campus and through the Mount’s distance education program. 

Dr. Mallika Das

Office: McCain Center 405H
Phone: 902 457 6214
Fax: 902 445 2582
Office Hours
Online only: Tuesday and Wednesday 4:00 to 5:30pm, or by appointment.

BA (Madras), MBA (British Columbia), PhD (Bath)

Relevant Prior Work Experience:
Statistical analyst, research assistant, consultant.

Courses Taught:
BUSI 2231 (Applied Marketing), BUSI 3331 (Consumer Behaviour), BUSI 4407 (Managing Diversity), BUSI 4434 (Marketing Strategy), BUSI 2250 (Business Ethics), BUSI 3331 (Consumer Behaviour), BUSI 4406 (ManagingDiversity), BUSI 4434 (Marketing Strategy).

Research Interests:
World Heritage Sites, Consumer behaviour, managing diversity, cross-cultural issues in marketing, entrepreneurship and women, services and not-for-profit marketing.

Academic Activities and Publications:
Journals Articles and Cases:

  • Das, M. (2016) Canadian Pacific and International Bank: A case study. To be published in Canadian Human Resource Management, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, 2016.
  • Das, M., and Henderson, E. (2014). Do accounting students differ from others in Self-Interest, Concern for others and Ethical Perceptions? Findings from an Atlantic Canadian Study. Workplace Review, April, 37-47. . This article was originally presented in the conference and published in the Proceedings of the Atlantic Schools of Business Conference, Halifax, NS, Sept. 29 – Oct. 1, 2014, prior to being published in the Workplace Review by invitation. 
  • Blotnicky, K., Das, M., French, C., French, F., Mombourquette, P., & Norris, D. (April 2013). The relative influence of promotion, peer and family influences on youth gambling in Nova Scotia. The Workplace Review, 10 (1), p.33-41. This article was originally presented in the conference and published in the Proceedings of the Atlantic Schools of Business Conference, Halifax, NS, Sept. 29 – Oct. 1, 2012, prior to being published in the Workplace Review by invitation.
  • Das, M. (2011). Gender role portrayals in Indian television ads. Sex Roles, 64, 208-222.
  • Das, H. and Das, M. (2009). Persisting Essentialist Portrayal of Women in Indian Short Stories. Asian Studies Review. 33, 21-40.

Peer Reviewed Presentation:

  • Das, M. and Henderson, E. (2015). Factors Influencing Students’ Perceptions of Academic Misconduct: Findings From an Atlantic Canada Study. Paper to be published in the International Journal of Education Research. An earlier version of this paper was presented at the International Association of Business and Public Administration Disciplines Conference, Dallas, Texas, April, 2014.
  • Das, M., George, E.W., Osborne, B. (2013): WWI sites: Should they be designated as WHS? Paper presented at the A Century in the Shadow of the Great War Conference, National WWI Museum: Kansas City, USA, March 22-24. (This paper was presented at a panel discussion)
  • George, E.W., Das, M., Jansen-Verbeke, M. & Osborne, B. (2012). Memoryscapes of The Great War (1914–2014): Identified, valorized, questioned and visited.  Workshop conducted at the UNITWIN International Colloque: Tourism, Roads and Cultural Itineraries: Meaning, Memory and Development.  Quebec City, June 13-15, 2012. We also presented our project at this workshop.
  • Singh, S., and Das, M.  (2012) On Sacred – Secular Mutuality, Destination Meaning – Making &  Visitor Reverence and Leisure.  Paper presented at International Conference on Religious Travel and Tourism in a Globalising World, Nicosia, Cyprus,  April 26-27 .
  • Singh, S., Das, M., & David, A. (2011)  Shangri-La amdidst anomie: a case of the Buddhist WHS of Bodhgaya. Paper presented at  ISA-RC50 & ITSA Shangri-L-A-sia International Tourist Forum, Shangri-La, Yunnan Province, China, August 8-12.
  • Das, M. and Singh, S. (2011).  The impact of World Heritage Site designation on tourism to a sacred site: Preliminary Results from India. Paper presented at the International Association of Business and Public Administration Disciplines, Dallas, Texas, April, 2011.
  • Das, M. (2010) An Index for Measuring Gender Role Portrayals: Preliminary Results from a Study on Indian Television Ads.  Paper presented at the Great Lakes North American Society of Marketing Eductors in India Conference, Chennai, India, December 23-25.
  • Das, M., Blotnicky, K., Fitzgerald, M., French, F., & Norris, D. (April, 2009). Gender Differences in Gambling: Preliminary Findings from a Study on Youth Gambling in Nova Scotia, International Association of Business and Public Administration Disciplines (IABPAD), Spring Conference, April 24-26, 2009, Dallas, Texas.
  • Das, M.  (2009).  The road less travelled?  Rural World Heritage Sites In India.  Paper presented at the Travel and Tourism Recreation Association Conference, Guelph, October 14-16, 2009.
  • Blotnicky, K., Das, M., Fitzgerald, M., French, F., Norris, D. & Perrier, D. (October 2008). Youth Gambling in Nova Scotia: A Preliminary Study. 15th National Child and Youth Care Conference, October 7-10, 2008 at the Delta Prince Edward, Charlottetown, PE.

Professional Presentations:

  • Blotnicky, K., Das, M., Fitzgerald, M., French, F., Norris, D., & Perrier, D. Nova Scotia Gambling Research Project. (May, 2007). Preliminary Analysis: Youth Gambling in Nova Scotia. Invited presentation for the Nova Scotia Responsible Gambling Conference, sponsored by the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation.


  • Schiffman, L. G., Kanuk, L.L. and Das, M:  Consumer Behaviour, 1st Canadian Edition, 2005, Pearson Education.

Nova Scotia Youth Gambling Study. (2006-present): Funded by $75,000 grant from the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation. Remaining funds for research: $15,200 (approx). Co-principal Investigators: Dr. Karen Blotnicky, Dept of Business & Tourism, MSVU (also Project Coordinator), Dr. Mallika Das, Dept. of Business & Tourism, MSVU, Dr. Fred French, Dept. of Education, MSVU, Dr. Carmel French, Dept. of Child & Youth Study, MSVU, Dr. Peter Mombourquette, Dept. of Business & Tourism, MSVU, Dr. Deborah Norris, Dept. of Family Studies and Gerontology, MSVU.

Academic Research Projects for Industry:
Blotnicky, K., Das, M., Fitzgerald, M., French, F., Norris, D. & Perrier, D. (September 30, 2008). NS Gambling Research Project Final Report – Pilot Study on Youth Gambling. A collaborative research project involving faculty from both MSVU and St. Mary’s University. Completed in fulfillment of the Memorandum of Understanding from the Nova Scotia Gambling Research Project grant. Prepared on behalf of the Nova Scotia Gaming Corporation.