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Dietitians of Canada (DC)

Dietitians of Canada (DC) is the only national professional association for dietitians in Canada and one of the largest organizations of dietetic professionals in the world. It has an established reputation as a trusted source of food and nutrition advice for the public. For members, it provides access to professional development opportunities and support, tools and resources to keep practitioners at the forefront of dietetic practice.

DC has an award winning web site ( with both a public access area and a members' only site. The members' only site gives access to all kinds of great resources including a discussion area, find a member database, access to practice networks, links to journal articles and abstracts online news and calendar of events . . . just to name a few.

Student Membership

Dietitians of Canada make it easy for you to become a student member through its Qualifying Member category. As a qualifying member your fees are reduced. If you are a full-time post - graduate student, your membership fees are also reduced. For more information on membership go to and click on "Become a member."

There are many benefits to membership in addition to the access to the members' only site of the DC web site. These include:

  • Subscription to the Canadian Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research- a great resource for course work and an opportunity to follow research in dietetics. The journal also contains a Practice insert that allows you to explore members' practice issues, book and article reviews.
  • Reduced rate for professional development activities like workshops, presentations, and conferences
  • Eligibility to apply for prestigious DC scholarships

As well, other Registered Dietitians will recognize your commitment to this professional organization- student DC membership is a great addition to your resume!!!

Dietitians of Canada Match Internship 2019

DC Match Internship packages for 2019 are available now:
Internship Application Package

Confirmation of Completion of Academic Program

This form must be completed by your graduating institution. Please complete the form and submit for signature to Admin Assistant, Evaristus 331 by December 15th, 2018 at 2:00PM.

Faculty references- Confidential Report on Dietetic Internship Applicant

Option A:This year we will be following the suggested DC process for requesting a Confidential Reference (see p. 4 Program Match Application) from a faculty member who knows you well enough to provide a reference.


1)     Ask a faculty member for permission to act in this capacity. Do this before you enter their name into the  online system.
2)    Be respectful of your referee’s time – give ample notice if you are asking for a reference.
3)    Enter the names and email addresses of those whom you wish to invite to provide a reference into the Match System. This will include the name and email of your Academic Reference. They will be notified by email and will be provided with instructions and a link to a form they need to complete and upload. Because this is an auto-generated email, ask that your referees either check their spam folder or edit their email software options to add "" to their Safe Senders list to ensure the email invitation shows up in their inbox. It is highly recommended that you notify your referees to watch for email from so they respond to the request in a timely way.
4)   You will be able to monitor the status of the request so that you can ensure that the referees are responding. The system will show the status of the request as ‘Missing’ if no name or email has been entered; ‘Requested’ if the system has sent a message to the referee, and ‘Received’ when the referee has uploaded the reference.
5)   You may change your referees at any time up until Noon ET January 18, 2019 unless the reference has already been submitted. You will not be able to see the confidential reference submitted, only that is has been received. Referees need only submit the reference form once regardless of whether you are applying to 1, 2 or 3 programs.
6)   It is your responsibility to ensure that referees submit their confidential references before Noon ET January 18, 2019. Late references will not be accepted and your package will not be complete unless three confidential references have been uploaded.

Option B:  If you feel you do not know a faculty member well enough to ask them for a DC reference then you can request a DC Composite Faculty Reference.


1)    Forward a request for a Composite DC Academic Reference by email to by December 15th, 2018 at 2:00PM.

2)    Your request must be properly labelled. Please specify exactly what it is in the subject line (ie: Jane Doe – Academic Reference or Jane Doe - Confirmation of Completion of Academic Program).

3)    An up-to- date resume must accompany your request to the department. You may also send (in bullet form) a sheet with any other information you would like faculty to know about you.

4)    Faculty will be meeting the first week of January to complete the DC Academic Composite References.

The information you provide DC is as follows- name- indicate MSVU Faculty Reference and provide the following email address:  

Please check this website on a regular basis for updates.


- The Atlantic Canada Internship Forum will be held Friday, November 2nd, 2018 at MSVU, in McCain 105/106  from 10AM to 3:00PM  and is open to all years of dietetics students.  To attend in person, no registration fee is required though you must register on the DC website.

- They are offering a live webinar option to students who will not be able to be at MSVU. This option costs only $10 plus HST and will allow students living outside of HRM and across Canada to attend.

2019 Program Match Application Package

Confirmation of Completion of Academic Program Form