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Master's programs in Family Studies and Gerontology

Meet some of our graduates of the Master's program in Family Studies and Gerontology at the Mount.

Meet our Students and Alumnae

Learn more about why they chose graduate studies in Family Studies and Gerontology at the Mount. 

Stephanie Bennett and Nancy Stoddard

are members of the first graduating class of Master of Family Studies and Gerontology students. Read more »



Carol Ann Brennan, Executive Director of the Regional Residential Services Society:

"I returned to MSVU as an adult learner eighteen years into my career. I had been working with older adults with developmental disabilities and their families, and recognized that this program would offer a meaningful opportunity to focus research on subject matter directly related to my professional career path."
See what else Carol Ann has to say about the MA FSGN program »

Tasha Herrell, Paralegal: 

"I remember starting the graduate program and feeling lucky to have such a great faculty to work with."
Find out where Tasha's studies have led her »


Monique Mullins-Roberts, MHE, Community Health Board Coordinator: 

"The course work and content continuously inspired me to do more. During this time, I also felt especially supported in my learning as I was able to have a close working relationship with truly dedicated professors."
Discover what Monique gained during her studies »


Sacha Nadeau

is making important research easily accessible and understandable to people outside of the research community. Find out how »

Pam Ross, Liaison and Development Officer, Continuing Care, Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness: 

 "In addition to developing new insights about family life and aging, I learned important skills such as how to create posters and present my ideas in both written and verbal formats." 
Learn more about Pam's experience with practical and theoretical leaning »

Chantal Beaver, Executive Director, The HUB Family Resource Centre

"The education that I received from the Family Studies faculty has proven itself to be second to none. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to have been taught, challenged, and inspired by faculty who truly care about their students." 
See what Chantal is doing with her Master's degree »





Student Research

Find out about the kinds of research these students and others have performed in the MA Family Studies and Gerontology degree program »