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As a student in one of our graduate programs, you’ll develop a deep and meaningful understanding of the disciplines of communication studies and public relations--the philosophies, the principles and how these apply to scholarly and professional practice.

Master of Public Relations:
This is an applied (non-thesis) program for applicants with undergraduate degrees in Public Relations, Communication, Business, Commerce and related fields. It will prepare you to excel as a practitioner, and to become a leader in your field. 

Please note: The MPR admission requirements have changed.  The new requirements are:  A four-year degree in Business, Commerce, Public Relations, Communication or related field and a minimum GPA of 3.0 (B) in the last two years of undergraduate study.

Master of Arts (Communication):

This is a thesis-based program. It will prepare you to become a highly-educated communications professional, or pursue further research as an exceptional scholar and academic.