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Master of Arts in School Psychology

Program Requirements

Note: As part of its continuous review process, the  School Psychology program updates program requirements to meet changing demands of the profession and registration requirements. Student programs will be devised in accordance with current requirements and may vary from the listed courses.

Required Courses (10 units)
 ❏GSPY 68010.5 unit
 ❏GSPY 68170.5 unit
 ❏GSPY 68191.0 unit
 ❏GSPY 68200.5 unit
 ❏GSPY 68220.5 unit
 ❏GSPY 68240.5 unit
 ❏GSPY 68400.5 unit
 ❏GSPY 68410.5 unit
 ❏GSPY 68421.0 unit
 ❏GSPY 68431.0 unit
 ❏GSPY 68440.5 unit
 ❏GSPY 68450.5 unit
 ❏GSPY 68460.5 unit
 ❏GSPY 68470.5 unit
 ❏GEDU 61301.0 unit
 ❏GEPY 66080.5 unit

Program Policy Manuals
Students will be provided with copies of various program, practicum and internship policy manuals. These documents provide specific information governing professional practice, program and personal requirements. Practicum and internship placements may result in additional costs to students for materials and will necessitate travel which is the responsibility of the student.

Academic Note: This web-based calendar information is applicable for the 2019-2020 academic year which runs from September 01, 2019 to August 31, 2020.

For the complete 2019-2020 Academic Calendars, please consult the PDF versions of the Undergraduate Academic Calendar andGraduate Academic Calendars. (underlines are links to the PDF versions of each)

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