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Krista Ritchie

Dr. Krista C. Ritchie
Assistant Professor
Office: Seton 416
Phone: (902) 457-5522
Fax: (902) 457-4911
Twitter handle: @kristacorinne


Post-Doctoral Training, Psychology and Neuroscience, Dalhousie University, 2012
PhD, Educational Psychology, McGill University, 2009
MA, Educational Psychology, McGill University, 2005
BAH, Psychology, Acadia University, 2002

Adjunct Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Dalhousie University

Research Interests
  • Intrapersonal (cognitive, emotional) and interpersonal (social, contextual) components of learning, decision making, and problem solving processes
  • Inquiry-oriented instruction
  • Classroom engagement
  • Teachers’ assessment strategies
  • Assessment literacy
  • Evidence-based practices in the professions
  • Integrated knowledge translation in education and healthcare
  • Culturally relevant education
  • GEPY 6608: Intermediate Statistics and Research Design
  • GEDU 6100: Quantitative Research Methods
  • EDUC 5451: Introduction to Educational Measurement and Evaluation
  • Special Topics Course: Instructional Design
  • Supervision of directed readings and independent studies courses 
Supervision and Mentorship
If you might want me to supervise your thesis research, email to set up a time to meet.
I welcome conversations with all students who want to engage in and learn more about research. A great way to learn about research and build skills in evidence-based practice is to attend research meetings and help with ongoing studies. This might take the form of paid work or volunteer experience. The important thing is to be a part of a team and you are welcome to join mine!


I conduct field- and laboratory-based research with the goal of identifying and explaining processes underlying learning and every-day cognitive processes in school and workplace settings. Both learning and professional practice involve complex processes that require multiple research methods to fully understand and capture from both intra- and interpersonal perspectives. Guided by Social Constructivism, and Cultural Historical Activity Theory, I approach research on learning and assessment as socially mediated and culturally rooted processes.

Taking an integrated knowledge translation approach to research, I collaborate with people who are or could be impacted by the research I do. For example, in conducting a study on middle school teacher-interests, a middle school teacher is an active part of my team. Research being conducted in an inquiry-oriented school is an active collaboration with the principal and superintendent of the school. Research being conducted in health professional education is a collaborative effort with healthcare professionals, faculty and students in the programs under study.