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Dr. Suzanne Seager

Phone: 902-457-6310 
Office:  EV369

Research Interests:  Graph Theory and Mathematics Teaching

Some Recent Publications:

Seager, Suzanne

Analysis Boot Camp: An Alternative Path to Epsilon-Delta Proofs in Real Analysis

PRIMUS Published online: 16 Apr 2019


Seager, Suzanne

Locating a backtracking robber on a tree

Theoretical Computer Science Volume 539, 19 June 2014, Pages 28-37


Seager, Suzanne

A sequential locating game on graphs

Ars Combinatoria Volume CX, July, 2013 pp. 45-54


Seager, Suzanne M.

Locating a robber on a graph

Discrete Mathematics 312 (2012) 3265-3269