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Dr. Suzanne Seager

Phone: 902-457-6310 
Office:  EV369

Research Interests:  Graph Theory and Mathematics Teaching

Some Recent Publications:

Archdeacon, D.; Ellis-Monaghan, J.; Fisher, D.; Froncek, D.; Lam, P. C. B.; Seager, S.; Wei, B.; Yuster, R.
Some remarks on domination.
J. Graph Theory 46 (2004), no. 3, 207--210.

Seager, Suzanne
The greedy algorithm for domination in graphs of maximum degree 3
Information Processing Letters 89 (2004) 53-56

Seager, Suzanne
Cat Problems: A Tool for Problem Solving Development

S. Le-May Sheffield, C. O'Neil, K. L. Taylor, and D. Nevo, (Eds.),
Atlantic Universities' Teaching Showcase 2004: Proceedings, IX.
Halifax: Dalhousie University.

Seager, Suzanne
The greedy algorithm for domination in cubic graphs
Ars Combinatoria 71 (2004) 101-107

Fisher, D.; Fraughnaugh, K; Seager, S.
The domination number of cubic graphs with girth at least five
Proceedings of the Ninth Quadrennial International Conference on Graph Theory, Combinatorics, Algorithms and Application,
Electronic Notes in Discrete Mathematics 11 (2003)

Seager, Suzanne
The greedy algorithm for total domination in regular graphs
Congressus Numerantium 154 (2002) 113-116