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The Department of Chemistry and Physics is currently accepting applications for teaching assistants and markers for the following course(s):


Step 1 (INCLUDE YOUR STUDENT NUMBER):   Click here to get the application as a Word document


Step 2:  Email your application to 

2019 FALL: Laboratory  Marking and TA Positions

PLEASE HAVE APPLICATIONS IN BY Friday, September 6th, 2019  9:00 AM

CHEM 111L:LA General Chemistry IResmer, KellyT 1:30pm-4:15pmEVAR_109
CHEM 111L:LB General Chemistry IResmer, KellyT 5:00pm-7:45pmEVAR_109
CHEM 111L:LC General Chemistry IResmer, KellyTh 9:00am-11:45amEVAR_109
CHEM 111L:LD General Chemistry IResmer, KellyTh 1:30pm-4:15pmEVAR_109
CHEM/PHYS 231L:LA Chemical ThermodynamicsResmer, KellyW 1:30pm-4:15pmEVAR_101
CHEM 241L:LA Organic Chemistry ITBATh 9:00am-11:45amEVAR_101
CHEM 241L:LB Organic Chemistry ITBATh 1:30pm-4:15pmEVAR_101
CHEM 241L:LC Organic Chemistry IKalpakova, NevenaF 9:00am-11:45amEVAR_101
CHEM 311L:LA Chem of Main Group ElementsTBAF 9:00am-11:45amEVAR_C102
CHEM/BIOL 351L:LA Intro Biochemistry Abuzaytoun, ReemM 1:30pm-4:15pmEVAR_C102
CHEM/BIOL 351L:LB Intro Biochemistry Abuzaytoun, ReemT 1:30pm-4:15pmEVAR_C102
CHEM/BIOL 351L:LC Intro Biochemistry Abuzaytoun, ReemT 5:00pm-7:15pmEVAR_C102
CHEM/BIOL 351L:LD Intro Biochemistry Abuzaytoun, ReemW 1:30pm-4:15pmEVAR_C102


***(cancellation of labs both for marking and TA may occur due to low enrollment)***