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 Contact the MSVU Chemistry/Physics Department:

Administrative Assistant

Department of Chemistry & Physics

166 Bedford Highway

Halifax, NS  B3M 2J6

Phone:   902-457-6229

Fax:       902-457-6656

Evaristus Hall Room 353 (Floor 3-A)

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Dr. Katherine Darvesh - Professor  (website)


Office: Evaristus C212


Dr. Ian Pottie – Professor    (website)


Office: Evaristus 240

Lab: Evaristus 241


Dr. Chérif Matta - Professor     (website)


Office: Evaristus C208

Lab: Evaristus 140


Dr. Aibing Xia - CHAIR - Associate Professor    (website)


Office: Evaristus C206

Lab: Evaristus 243


Dr. Kelly Resmer - Lab Instructor    (website)


Office: Evaristus C204



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Jenny deZoete  902-457-6343 Office: Evaristus 124

Dr. Charles Williams  Office: Evaristus C210

Dr. Bitu Hurisso  Office: Evaristus C210

Dr. Travis Lundrigan  Office: Evaristus C210

Dr. Reem Abuzaytoun  Office: Evaristus C210

Dr. Justin Tom    Office: Evaristus C210

Holly Cook

Stock Room Technician

Office: Evaristus 107


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Dr. Susan Boyd

Dr. Robert McDonald

Dr. Earl Martin    902-457-6143    

Dr. Sultan Darvesh

Centre for Applied Research