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2015-2016 Student Award Winners


Sisters of Charity Award

Sage Dixon


Dr. Lillian Wainwright Prize in Biology

Daniel Andrews (awarded by the MSVU Alumnae Association)


The Biology Department Laboratory Award

Karley Brooking


Sister Lua Scholarship

Karley Brooking


The Biology Department Award for Best Student in Human Anatomy and Physiology

Haley Lombard



Other Accomplishments and events

Open Campus Day 2015


UH hooked up Nov 2015-3   Dr. Ulli Hoeger

RMK open campus day 2015  Dr. Ron MacKay

Congratulations to James Jabalee.  James recently graduated from the Mount, with a BSc Honours degree in Biology.  He received the President’s Award at the graduation ceremony in May 2012 and has also recently been awarded a NSERC PGS and a Killam scholarship to support his MSc degree at Dalhousie University, starting in Sept 2012.  James completed his undergraduate Honours thesis research with Dr Tamara Franz-Odendaal.


James Jabalee_Best Student in Ecology

 Dr. Mirwais Qaderi presenting the "Biology Department Award for Best Student in General Ecology"  to James Jabalee (March, 2012)



Open Campus Day 2011


open campus day Biology resized

 Kevin Shaughnessy, Senior Lab Instructor, Open Campus Day (November, 2011)