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Current Group Members:

Past Group Members:

  • Logan Gray (M.Sc. Student)
  • Alexis LeFait (M.Sc. Student)
  • Ayesha Hussain (NSERC USRA Student)
  • Roudi Bachar (M. Sc. Student) 
  • Tyler Black (M.Sc. Student)
  • Erica Fraser (NSERC USRA Student)
  • Ali Hosein (Technician)
  • Hedi Kebli (Ph.D. Student)
  • Jesse Johns (M.Sc. Student)
  • Michael Mayerhofer (Technician)
  • Laura Reithmeier (M.Sc Student)
  • Jessica Romo (NSERC USRA Student) 
  • Michelle Gray (Technician)
  • Chad Simmons (Honours Student)