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Brenda Hattie
​Part Time FacultyBA (Universite Ste-Anne), MA (MSVU), Diploma in Adult Education (Dalhousie) 

Phone: 457-6712

Office: Seton 426G

Brenda Hattie has been part-time faculty for the Women’s Studies Department since 2005, as well as for the departments of Philosophy/ Religious Studies and Family Studies and Gerontology. She has taught in the field of gender studies at Acadia and Dalhousie University. Currently, she is Research Assistant on a project at Dalhousie that explores the health care experiences of queer women, and Project Coordinator for the Age-Friendly Communities Implementation Project at the Nova Scotia Centre on Aging. Brenda has co-authored several reports and given presentations at academic conferences as well as for community organizations. 

Brenda H. is currently studying for a PhD in Education through a program jointly offered through Acadia, St. F.X., and the Mount. She continues to teach at the Mount and is engaged in research projects at both the Mount and Dalhousie. Her most recent activism involves supporting initiatives to make the Mount more welcoming to transgender students.

Her academic interests include:

  • Queer women's health
  • Queer spirituality
  • Women in the Christian tradition


Selected Publications:

Hattie, B. M. A., & Beagan, B. L. P. D. (July 01, 2013). Reconfiguring Spirituality and Sexual/Gender Identity: “It's a Feeling of Connection to Something Bigger, It's Part of a Wholeness.”. Journal of Religion & Spirituality in Social Work: Social Thought, 32, 3, 244-268.