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Associate Professor

PhD, (Political Science), University of  Western Ontario
MA,  (Political Science),  Acadia University
BA,   (Community Studies), Cape Breton University

Dr. MacLeod has long believed that a considered understanding of the process of politics is essential for improving social justice and striving for the public good. The strength of the academic discipline of political science is its ability to consider political thought and action from a variety of perspectives, for, at its core, it is an inter-disciplinary field.

MacLeod’s research interests capture this inter-disciplinary approach through published articles in the fields of  health policy, English literature and Canadian politics. His most recent work concentrates on examining the connection between visual art and politics. Journals in which his work is published include: The Canadian Journal of Political Science, Myth lore (Tolkien studies), Healthcare Papers and the Canadian Parliamentary Review.

This inter-disciplinary spirit is also evident in his teaching dossier as he regularly offers courses in the disciplines of public policy, political science and public relations/ communications.

MacLeod maintains that direct, intuited experience informs a fuller understanding of the dynamics of the political process. His scholarship has been expanded through lessons gleaned while serving the Canadian government in the legislative branch as a policy advisor to the Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology; the executive branch, as a senior policy advisor with Health Canada; and in the provincial sphere as the executive assistant to the Nova Scotia Minister of Health in the Government of Premier John Savage. He also served through leadership positions in a variety of political campaigns.

His academic career is complimented by his active work as a visual artist. He was born on Cape Breton Island and has lived throughout Nova Scotia and Ontario.