2019-2020 Academic Year

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Peace and conflict studies is an interdisciplinary program that examines the roots of conflict and the foundations of peace. The program allows for an exploration of the inter-relatedness of such issues as poverty, violence, hunger, discrimination, war and justice, security, peace, freedom and the human community. It involves an examination of options and initiatives in peace-making and conflict resolution. Peace and conflict are studied in various contexts, ranging from the person, the family, school, workplace and the community, to nations and the global forum and from the perspective of various disciplines. Careers exist in education, workplaces, journalism, courts, government, foreign service, international development, non-governmental organizations and corporations that invest overseas.


To minor in Peace and Conflict Studies students should consult with the Coordinator or any faculty member associated with the program.

To obtain a minor in Peace and Conflict Studies, students must fulfill the following requirements: 
PHIL 2202/FSGN 2202
POLS 3324
2.0 units of Peace and Conflict Studies electives from the list below with no more than 1.0 unit in any single discipline


Peace and Conflict Studies Emphasis Courses

Courses that have been approved as Peace and Conflict Studies electives are listed below. The course descriptions can be found under the departmental listings. Selected courses are available via distance learning.

NUTR 33260.5 unit
BIOL 22130.5 unit
BUSI 22500.5 unit
Canadian Studies
CANA 33011.0 unit
ECON 23110.5 unit
ECON 33300.5 unit
Family Studies and Gerontology
FSGN 34100.5 unit
HIST 2219/POLS 22190.5 unit
HIST 33370.5 unit
PHIL 22090.5 unit
PHIL 2214/POLS 2214 0.5 unit
PHIL 2229/RELS 22290.5 unit
PHIL 3312/POLS 33120.5 unit
Political Studies
POLS 2214/PHIL 22140.5 unit
POLS 2219/HIST 22190.5 unit
POLS 22240.5 unit
POLS 22270.5 unit
POLS 22440.5 unit
POLS 3308 0.5 unit
POLS 3312/PHIL 33120.5 unit
POLS 33340.5 unit
POLS 33440.5 unit
POLS 3351/WOMS 3351
0.5 unit
POLS 3391/WOMS 33910.5 unit
POLS 3531/SOAN 3531
0.5 unit
PSYC 22080.5 unit
PSYC 33090.5 unit
Public Relations
PBRL 3013/COMM 3013
0.5 unit
Religious Studies
RELS 2229/PHIL 22290.5 unit
RELS 33110.5 unit
SOAN 3371/WOMS 3371
0.5 unit
SOAN 3531/POLS 3531
0.5 unit
SOAN 3532
0.5 unit
SOAN 3533
0.5 unit
SOAN 3541
0.5 unit
SOAN 3553
0.5 unit
Women’s Studies
WOMS 3351/POLS 3351
0.5 unit
WOMS 3371/SOAN 33710.5 unit
WOMS 3391/POLS 33910.5 unit


Directed Study, Special Topic, Senior Seminar

There are in addition a number of directed study courses, special topics and senior seminars available for students pursuing peace and conflict studies. Students must consult with the Coordinator or their advisor to determine which special topic and senior courses are available in any given year. These specially tailored courses may include FSGN 4480, PHIL 3373, PHIL 3374, PSYC 3330, PSYC 3331, POLS 4006, POLS 4007/CANA 4007, WOMS 3301 and others.

Academic Note: This web-based calendar information is applicable for the 2019-2020 academic year which runs from September 01, 2019 to August 31, 2020.

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