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Part Time Instructor, Spanish


MEd (Culture and Spanish Language, Salamanca, Spain)


Courses taught in recent years:

SPAN 1102 - Beginning Spanish II; SPAN 2201 - Intermediate Spanish I; SPAN 2202 - Intermediate Spanish II; SPAN 3301 - Advanced Conversation- Composition I; SPAN 3302  - Advanced Conversation- Composition II


Autobiographical Sketch:

I was born in Veracruz, Mexico and came to Canada in 1997. My academic background is in business and tourism but I also completed my Master of Education in Culture and Spanish Language in Salamanca Spain in 2005 and have trained to teach the IB Spanish program as well.  I have been teaching at MSVU since 1998 and at HGS since 2004. Teaching is not just a job; it is one of my greatest passions.

I am a strong believer in community service so I became a firefighter volunteer for the Hubbards Fire Department in 2011 which is very rewarding and a great honor to be a part of this amazing brotherhood.

As per my hobbies, I am a dancer and I am currently performing Latin folklore with members from the Latispanica Association.  I am also a devoted athlete and like to participate in the MS Rona annual biking tour and, in addition, race in an annual triathlon.


I love to spend time with my family, to travel and to get together with friends.