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Program Highlights

If you want to change things in the present, it helps to know how people changed things in the past. History examines all aspects of recorded human experience (social relations, cultural expressions, political events, economic activities) and seeks to understand how the thoughts, actions, emotions and habits of people have changed over time.

Program Options

You may choose to do a major, a combined major, a minor, a concentration or an honours degree in History. A major requires the completion of 8 units of History, while the combined major consists of 6 units of History and 6 units of your other combined major. The minor requires 3 units of History, and the concentration (taken as part of a BA General Studies) requires 4 units. History courses, taught both on campus and at a distance, may also be taken as electives. All 1000- and 2000-level courses are open to all students and have no prerequisites. For more detail, visit the program checklist or the program description »

  • Honours degree - as an honours student, you'll study History in more depth by writing a thesis on a historical topic of your choice, supervised by a faculty member who is an expert in their field. View examples of honours thesis topics »
  • BA Internship - the Mount has recently introduced a new internship program enabling you  to apply your education in a real-world setting. You'll develop valuable work experience in corporate, government or non-profit sectors, while exploring career options. Learn more »

Learning Outcomes

As a History student, you'll develop valuable and transferable skills such as close reading and analysis of sources, research, and written and oral communication. You'll develop ways of perceiving the world that enable you to think critically and make meaningful connections between past events and present dilemmas. You will graduate with an ability to develop arguments and organize evidence to support them.

Faculty Advising & Mentorship

Our faculty are a dedicated and passionate group of active and enthusiastic researchers, but most of all, they're approachable. Your professors will not only get to know your name, but they will also take an active interest in your academic and career aspirations, offering you personalized mentorship that will help you achieve your goals. Meet our faculty »

Advancing your Career

The skills and knowledge you will gain as a History student will give you the flexibility and adaptability required in today's rapidly changing job market. Our faculty will ensure you are ready to pursue future study and/or a career. Many of our graduates are working as teachers, professors, lawyers, librarians and archivists, in public administration, in human resources, running their own businesses.

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