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Program Highlights

The Mount's Cultural Studies program is the only degree program of its kind to be offered in Eastern Canada. In this program, you will study the nature and criticism of culture in its multiple forms and expressions, including literature, film, visual art, and popular culture. This interdisciplinary program fosters inquiry into the social and political conditions in which thought and expression take place. Forms of cultural expression such as films, literature, and paintings are thus analyzed both as texts and as practices in context. That is: What is happening? Why? Who/what did it? And under what conditions?

Program Options

Small Program, Big Ideas

What Is Culture? Explore the answers - and why those answers seem to make sense.

Engage multiple sites and modes of inquiry: visual culture, classic texts, media (social, contemporary, traditional), and the ideas and values they communicate.

Distinctive courses:

  • CULS 2201: Critical Debates – Regulation of the Body (social and individual).
  • CULS 3305: Subcultures – What's "normal"? Who is in, who is out, and who gets to decide? Bohemians, dandies, tattoo communities, vagabonds, poets, punks, genders, and identities.
  • RELS 3306: Religion and Pop Culture – cyber pagans, mega-churches, True Blood and True Detective, reggae, rap, and protest music, and more. New manifestations virtually guaranteed.

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Part of a Community

Diverse faculty and small classes are things that makes the Mount special. Our faculty come from History, SOAN, English, Political and Canadian Studies, Public Relations, Women's Studies, Modern Languages, Philosophy/Religious Studies, and Fine Arts/the Art Gallery.

Our Student Society motto:Semper transitu termini... "Always Crossing Boundaries"

Our Graduates

Cultural Studies graduates are working in a broad range of fields: journalism, library science, government and NGO service sectors, education, arts and culture, and many more.

Many of our graduates also pursue graduate or further study in a range of academic fields, including social and political theory, literature, film, philosophy, cultural studies, and women and gender studies, as well as professional programs in life-long learning, adult education, literacy, and social work. Read what our students say »