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Program Highlights

The Bachelor of Arts (Communication) is the Mount’s newest multidisciplinary program which draws from a variety of approaches, theories, methods and other resources to analyze communication in social, political and cultural environments that are rapidly changing and becoming increasingly complex. This program is designed to meet the needs of students interested in an undergraduate degree in Communication, grounded on a foundation of communication and media theory, research and ethics. Students who have an interest in media literacy, interpersonal, small group and organizational communication as well as the sociopolitical aspects of communication within today's society are well-suited for this program.

Program Options

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts (Communication) program (having selected Communication as their major) will complement core strengths in Communication with required courses from a number of related disciplines through elective courses. Together, these elements work to provide students with an introduction to the dynamic context in which communication occurs. Read the complete program description »

  • BA Internship - the Mount has recently introduced a new internship program enabling you  to apply your education in a real-world setting. You'll develop valuable work experience in corporate, government or non-profit sectors, while exploring career options. Learn more »

Range of Courses

Though the Mount is a small school, students are exposed to a big range of courses taught by faculty with rich teaching, research and real-world industry experience. Professors take critical, cultural and theoretical approaches to developing an understanding of human communication.  Learn more about our courses »

Learning Outcomes

As a BA (Communication) student, you'll develop valuable and transferable skills such as written and oral communication.You will also gain an in-depth understanding of how individuals and groups communicate in organizations in society. Through examination of social processes and structures of communication, you will acquire the knowledge, skills and insights required to participate in the analysis of communication research and scholarship.

Future Possibilities

The BA (Communication) program is designed to prepare graduates for further study and careers in communication and related fields, especially those which require skills in research, writing and analysis.