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About Vincent's Restaurant

YingTian Baron York Winter 2018

Vincent's is a teaching kitchen that supports education for students enrolled in Tourism and Hospitality Management courses. 

Students have an opportunity to engage in learning as they experience working in a commercial kitchen, operating a restaurant business, or planning and organizing a catering event. 

Having a facility like Vincent's on campus allows our students the opportunity to apply the theory learned in their class(es) in a practical environment.

Lunch Menu          Dinner Menu


Dates: February 8th, March 8th, 22nd and April 5th 
Time: From 11:30am to 2pm


Dates: February 11th, 13th, March 6th, 11th, 25th and April 3rd
Time: from 4:30 to 7:00pm

Reservation Line: 902.457.6516

Vincent’s teaching kitchen, Department of Business Administration and Tourism Hospitality Management at Mount Saint Vincent University, is a registered user of the Restaurant Manager POS System, a POS solution selected as a mode of the cutting edge technology that is defining the future of restaurant management systems! 
Kate Shannon Beth Winter 2018

The POS System for Vincent's Restaurant at Mount Saint Vincent University was installed by AHT, the top POS Service provider in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

We thank you for supporting our students and our program!

Reservation Line902.457.6516

Location: Mount Saint Vincent University, 166 Bedford Highway, Rosaria Building, Room #300A
Enter the campus on Seton Road - Rosaria is the first building on the right hand side as you drive up the hill. Vincent's Restaurant is located on the third floor, directly across from the dining hall in Rosaria.

Campus Map

Thank you for your interest in our restaurant!