1. The University hereby gives notice that while the information contained in this Calendar is considered accurate at the time of its preparation, changes may be made subsequent to publication without prior notice.

  2. In the interpretation of academic regulations, the Senate is the final authority.

  3. Although advice is readily available on request, the responsibility of selecting the appropriate courses for graduation must ultimately rest with the student.

  4. Not all courses listed in the Calendar are offered each year. Students are advised to check the timetable, which is available from the Registrar and online at www.msvu.ca/current/webadvisor, for course availability.

  5. The academic calendar year begins on September 1 and extends through the following August 31 in any given year. Students who begin study at any point within this period are governed by the regulations in the Calendar which came into effect on the previous September 1.

  6. Notwithstanding any other provision of the Calendar, it is expressly understood by all students that Mount Saint Vincent University accepts no responsibility to provide any course of instruction, program or class, residential or other services including the normal range of academic, residential and/or other services in circumstances of utility interruptions, fire, flood, strikes, work stoppages, labour disputes, war, insurrection, the operation of law or acts of God or any other cause (whether similar or dissimilar to those enumerated) which reasonably prevent their provision.

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