MSVU’s Suite of Educational Technologies

Moodle is the Mount’s Learning Management System that allows faculty to create and manage course content, host online discussions, administer quizzes and meet in real time with students. Moodle provides a place where students can access course content, submit assignments, complete activities, and communicate with their peers and their instructor; Blackboard Collaborate​​​​​​​ is our online classroom software. It provides a virtual space where faculty and students can meet in real-time, work in groups, chat, and learn together; and Office 365 is a collection of apps and cloud services and the main apps used in course delivery are OneNote, Teams, Stream, and Yammer.

Access Moodle and Your Online Collaborate Course Rooms

Current students and faculty can view Moodle course sites and join online synchronous classes in Collaborate by logging into Moodle here

Moodle Login

Important Announcement

2021 Fall Term – Access to Moodle Course Sites

  • New! Faculty, please make your Moodle course site(s) available to your students at your preferred date/time for the upcoming fall term which starts on September 8, 2021. Instructions on how to do this are on the Intranet – How to Make your Moodle Course Site Available to Students.
  • If you would like us to help you do this for your first time, no problem. Just schedule a quick demo on the new Online Learning Support Services Bookings App, under Moodle.
  • Students, if you cannot see your Moodle course sites for the upcoming term on or before the first class, please contact your course instructor.
  • Please note that if receives inquires from students at the start of term about not being able to see their course sites when they log into Moodle, they will be directed to contact course instructors.

More about Moodle

Moodle Upgrade

Moodle was successfully upgraded to version 3.9 on May 10, 2021.

Moodle 3.9 for Faculty

Scheduled Moodle Maintenance Periods

  • Based on the academic calendar term dates, maintenance and security tasks in Moodle will be performed in between each academic term (between fall and winter; between winter and summer one; between summer two and fall).
  • Maintenance periods are chosen based on the last day of classes, exam schedules, and grades needing to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.
  • During these maintenance periods, Moodle will be unavailable to faculty and students.
  • Normally, the maintenance period is between 1-2 days depending on the level of work being completed.
  • The dates are communicated as soon as possible and in several ways – email, Moodle Dashboard, Moodle login screens, and the Campus Bulletin.
  • If you are teaching a course outside of the regular academic calendar dates and you require the use of Moodle and Collaborate during this time, please email to discuss possible alternatives.
  • Learn more  – Moodle Maintenance and Upgrade Information

Blackboard Collaborate

MSVU has been utilizing Blackboard Collaborate as its virtual classroom tool for over 10 years. Blackboard Collaborate is designed for education, with pedagogically rich features which enables instructors to create engaging, personalized, and pedagogically innovative learning experiences. It is made for education and is designed specifically to meet the needs of instructors and learners.

Blackboard Collaborate provides exceptional support and service to MSVU, and its wealth of resources, community hubs, and opportunities to engage in product enhancement and training events is second to none.

The Online Learning team actively participates in community forums and initiatives, is subscribed to all relevant news releases (product updates, issue tracking, solutions, etc) and attends webinars regularly to ensure the best support is provided to Mount instructors and students.

Collaborate for Faculty (Intranet)

Check out the new Accessing Collaborate (3:24) video in Office 365 Stream and take a test drive by joining the Practice Collaborate Session.

Mount Online Learning Platform Informed Consent Statement

The Mount’s Online Learning Platform includes Moodle, Blackboard Collaborate, Office 365 and more. By using this website, you are confirming that you have read, understood and accepted the following terms and conditions.


Materials on the Mount Online Learning Platform are subject to the Copyright Act, Canadian laws, policies, regulations and international agreements. This includes identifying the source of information and prohibiting the reproduction of materials without written permission.

Data Storage

The Mount abides by all provincial privacy laws including the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIPOP) and the Personal Information International Disclosure Act (PIIPDA).


Authorized Mount staff have access to your course site to provide technical support and to assist in the administration and smooth functioning of the Mount Online Learning Platform. All information gathered in Moodle will be kept confidential.

Your class sessions and other learning activities may be recorded by your instructor for use within your online course site. Your instructor will provide advanced warning before beginning the recording and will inform you of any additional use of these recordings. Recordings will not be distributed outside of the Mount Online Learning platform.

Terms of Use for Students

  • You will not submit material completed in a course to fulfil the requirements of another course without the written permission of both instructors. To do so would constitute cheating as stated in the Academic Calendar.
  • You will not record any class activities including discussion or lecture without securing the permission of the course instructor.
  • You will not upload course material to any external websites or share with others, unless permitted to do so by the instructor. If you require further clarification about using materials from this course in other contexts, please contact the instructor.
  • Only students registered in this Mount Online course site are permitted to view, download, upload, comment or otherwise participate in this course site.
  • You will not provide anyone not registered in this course with access to the Mount Online course site established for the course.
  • You will not divulge or share your Mount password with anyone.

By entering this website, you agree to:
1. Abide by the Mount’s Regulations Governing Computer Use
2. Maintain Academic Integrity
3. All of the terms and conditions above.

Online Learning Support Services

Online Learning is available to support faculty and students as follows:

  • Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 8:00pm during the first week of each new term
  • Monday to Friday, regular business hours for the remainder of each term (until 4:00pm in the summer and 4:30pm in the fall and winter terms)
  • Please email  or call 902-483-8341 during these support hours.
  • Daily Drop-In Collaborate Session are hosted from 1:00pm – 2:00pm and everyone is welcome to join to ask questions, practice and get simple troubleshooting tips.
  • Use the new Office 365 Bookings App to schedule 1:1 training or demo sessions with the Educational Technology team.

Evening and Weekend Support

  • After the first week of each new term, evening and weekend support is provided for urgent requests only.
  • Urgent requests are those that concern your ability to teach or participate in a class that same evening or weekend (connection,  browser, audio or video issues).
  • Only urgent requests will be responded to immediately, and others will be responded to the next business day.
  • Please email (email only), set the priority to High or add the word ‘urgent’ in the subject line and explain how you are not able to teach or participate in a class and your request will be responded as soon as possible.
  • Faculty, if you are administering an assessment outside of normal business hours (Moodle quiz, assignment, discussion forum), please troubleshoot issues students may have with that Moodle activity first, then if you require support please email and it will be responded to the next business day.