Welcome to the Learning Passport! 

The Fall program runs September 15 to November 24 2022.

We are Virtual! A list of activities as well as any special requirements and instructions can be found on the LP Moodle site. To be eligible for learning passport points students must complete a reflection/survey activity form within 48 hours after attending/accessing an activity. Late or incomplete student reflection/survey activity forms will not be accepted. All activities must be attended AND REFLECTIONS/SURVEY ACTIVITY FORMS SUBMITTED on or before November 24 2022 to be eligible for bonus points to be applied to your final course marks.

Gain Experience and Earn Bonus Points!

Tesa Court on the Learning PassportThe Learning Passport (LP) program was introduced in 2009 to engage those students taking business and tourism courses in extracurricular activities that provide value to academic learning and finding a career/job upon graduation. The program provides students with opportunities to gain exceptional learning experiences outside the classroom. The program has evolved since it began in 2009, but the focus remains the same! This Fall and Winter we are excited to announce our Learning Passport Program will be accessible to students worldwide. Students taking business and tourism courses can self-enroll in our Learning Passport Moodle course site and select from over 40 online events to attend.

Examples of eligible activities include: attendance at a career day; attendance at a speaker panel, seminar, public lecture or conference/trade show related to Business or Tourism; and meeting with a business leader who is working in the field of Business or Tourism.

The Learning Passport program Moodle site is used for communication with our students and includes the Learning Passport sign-up sheet, list of LP eligible courses, and a list of eligible activities and “rules” associated with the program. If you require assistance with accessing the site please contact learningpassport@msvu.ca

Our students share their thoughts and experiences with the Learning Passport Program

“…the Learning Passport Program allows students to have many benefits…networking opportunities, continual learning from past graduates of MSVU and from guest speakers. Fun and interesting experiences are gained, along with bonus points towards all of your classes!”Josie Boutilier, student

Participate! Discover! Learn!

“The Learning Passport Program not only allows students to earn bonus points for their business and tourism courses, but gives students the opportunity to network with industry leaders and to learn about possible career paths. I honestly can’t say enough about how great this program is. There are so many fantastic activities offered on-campus and online throughout the year. I would highly recommend it to students in all years of study.” – Gracen Marchand

“Just want to thank you all for this program. I can’t say enough about it. The marks motivated me to attend those sessions but I think I will never stop attending seminars, and will look for learning opportunities out side of the classroom. It is such an amazing program.” – Fairouz Mothana Fall 2015

“The Learning Passport Program is a great incentive for students to get out, network and learn from the real world. All we need is that push. Once we’re there, we see there is definitely more to get from it than bonus points.”- Gisele Gomes, student