Bohdan Luhovyy, PhD

On sabbatical until December 31, 2024

Evaristus 317




Education and Training:

2006 – 2011: Senior Research Associate, University of Toronto
2002 – 2005: Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania
2001: PhD, 1996: MSc, Ivan Franko National University of L’viv, Ukraine

Current Teaching Areas:

Clinical Trials in Food and Nutrition (GAHN 6620)
Issues in Food Product Development (NUTR 4400/GAHN 6400)
Natural Health Products (NUTR 3205)
Food Processing (NUTR 2204)
Introductory Foods: Animal Origin (NUTR 1103)
Introductory Foods: Plant Origin (NUTR 1102)

Research Interests:

My research interests are primarily focused on the area of functional foods and food-derived bioactivities, and therefore combine several disciplines including nutrition, food science, and physiology. The practical implication of this research is to find efficacious dietary approaches for prevention/reduction of metabolic diseases. My long-term goal is to investigate the health potentials of various crops, commodities as well as food products with added functional ingredients. Another area of my research explores the links between sensory perception and food selection, acceptance, and satiation. My laboratory known as the Appetite Lab is working on the development of the foods that meet the guidelines for school meal or intended for a special use such as dysphagia diet. We also help the local agri-food and marine industries and community organizations in food product development, testing and evaluation. The current undergraduate students interested in conducting the NUTR 4490 Directed Study and/or NUTR 4499 Honours Thesis, and prospective graduate students interested in taking GAHN 6190 Directed Study or MSc Thesis should email Dr. Luhovyy in advance to discuss potential research topics.

My other activities:

• Director of Breakfast Program Association of Fairview
(Please contact me if you are interested to prepare and serve breakfasts to school children)

Recent Publications and Presentations from the Appetite Lab:

Luhovyy BL, Kathirvel P. (2022). Food proteins in the regulation of blood glucose control. In Advances in Food and Nutrition Research: Academic Press. Editor: Fidel Toldrá, Advances in Food and Nutrition Research: AFNR Volume 102, 181-231.

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