Dr. Daphne Lordly, DEd., MAHE, PDt

Evaristus 313
Phone: 902-457-6259
Fax: 902-457-6134

Teaching Areas

Introduction to the Profession (NUTR 1010)
Elements of Professional Practice (NUTR 4444)
Nutrition Education (GAHN 6607)

Research and Professional Interests


I am a registered dietitian with the Nova Scotia Dietetic Association (NSDA) and a member of Dietitians of Canada (DC). My contributions to both of these organizations have been acknowledged with a NSDA Honorary Lifetime Membership (2012) and a DC Fellow (FDC) Award (2013). I am a long-standing member of the Journal of Dietetic Practice and Research Editorial Board and was honored in 2014 with a cover recognizing most articles published in the past 10 years. These articles were a combination of individual and collaborative practice-based research and articles co-authored with students (masters, honours or independent study). My particular areas of interest are dietetic education and the socialization of dietetic students and practitioners, with an interest in how gender is implicated in these processes. I have been actively involved in the establishment of a bridging process for Internationally Educated Dietitians (IEDs). Related to this is longstanding interest in prior learning assessment and recognition and what counts as professional knowledge. I find both arts-informed research and pedagogy as ways in which dietetic knowledge production and understandings can be enhanced.

Selected Scholarly Works


Refereed Publications

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