Professor Emerita Wendy Doyle, Department of Business Administration and Tourism and Hospitality Management, MSVU. Wendy Doyle, Professor Emerita

1970 BA(Bus/Econ) Cum Laude MSVU
1973 Chartered Accountant designation
1980 MBA, Dalhousie University

Wendy Doyle was a professor in the Department of Business and Tourism for 40 years.  Upon retirement in 2014, she was conferred with the status of Professor Emerita for her contributions to the university’s mission in terms of teaching, research and professional activity and service.

Throughout her tenure at MSVU, Professor Doyle focused primarily on Financial Accounting curriculum, teaching introductory, intermediate and advanced levels.  Many of the courses she taught were delivered using multiple modes of distance delivery.  She also developed and taught an array of non-credit courses in programs for women such as Train the Trainers in Women’s Entrepreneurship and Management Development for Women.

Professor Doyle was active in the research area with research grants, presentations and referred publications in journals and conference proceedings.  Her research centered in the areas of women and entrepreneurship and workplace learning.

She was instrumental in the start-up of the Centre for Women in Business and served as Chair of its Management Board for many years.  On an international level, she was co-director of the CIDA-funded Hungarian and Slovak programs in Training the Trainers:  Women’s Entrepreneurship.

Professor Doyle had extensive departmental contributions.  She was Chair of the Department of Business and Tourism for six years and served on more than 20 university committees including Senate and the Board of Governors.

She also provided service externally as a board member of the Canadian Federation of Deans of Management and Administrative Studies, as a co-chair of the CCSBE national conference, as Chair of the National Women in Management Research Symposium and as a member of Industry Canada’s Small Business Research Advisory Committee.