Four smiling female business and tourism students with their coats on sitting in a wood booth at Gahan House. They have water glasses and menu's and are getting read to order lunch.


The Business Administration and Tourism and Hospitality Management students learn from local restaurant and distillery owners about operating in HRM and about our local Museums roles in the tourism industry.

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Three photos side by side. First photo is of two female MSVU business and tourism students on either side of a woman dressed in period costume in Citadel Hill during the 2024 Local Entrepreneur and Cultural tour. Second photo is eight students listing to a presentation. Third photo is MSVU business and tourism students heading into the New Scotland Brewing Company building during the 2024 Local Entrepreneur and Cultural tour.

Where did we go on the 2024 Local Entrepreneur and Cultural Tourism Tour?

Did we have a great day? Yes!

Thank you so much to our hosts!

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MSVU Business and Tourism students Group photo at the discovery centre during the local entrepreneurial cultural tour fall 2022Business Administration and Tourism and Hospitality Management students embarked on a Local Entrepreneurship and Cultural Tour around the city of Halifax to learn from local business owners, a world-renowned not-for-profit, and even try their luck at axe throwing! Students visited the Discovery Centre, HaliMac Axe Throwing and ended the tour with a delicious meal at Ela’s! in Bayers Lake. Our students enjoyed the opportunity to interact with entrepreneurs in an engaging way and we are very thankful to our community partners for making this event possible.

Thank you to the businesses that hosted us!

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Meet Heather Stevens at the Millbrook Heritage Centre

I am a Mi’kmaq women that lives in Millbrook, NS.  I have been the Manager at the Millbrook Cultural and Heritage for 6 years, I am not only the Manager here but I am also and a Senior Heritage Interpreter.  My journey to where I am now has taken so many twists and turns that at the beginning you would have never thought I would be a Manager of a Mi’kmaq Heritage Centre.  My career started out being going to school to become a vet but got an Animal Science Degree, then I went into Conflict management, got a diploma in that, then went to school for Horticulture and Aquaculture got a diploma for that (worked as a manager for a land based facility for 4 years), then finally into Tourism Management which is where I am today. My job is wonderful, I get to meet thousands of people from all over the world, one of our best seasons we had over 45,000 people walk through our doors and that is only in a 6 month season.  To look at that and reflect on how much we got to share and learn from these people, there are not many people that can say that they had that opportunity and to absolutely love doing it.

Missed it? You can  watch it now

The tours provided students with a simulation of an existing location. On October 15th student had the opportunity to “meet” Chef Trevor Penney from Birch & Anchor and Justin Zinck Marketing and Brand Manager at Garrison Brewery.

Our virtual tour hosts used multimedia elements such as sound effects, music, narration to make this an experience like none other.

Thank you Justin and Trevor!

Watch the Video now!

Where did we go, what did we do?

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2019 Local entrepreneur and cultural tourism tour. People at a bar in a brewery.

Where did we go this year?

2018 Local Entrepreneur and Cultural tour. Walk way near Murphys on the water.

9:45 am  Students load the Double Decker bus in front of Seton Academic Centre
10:00 am  Bus leaves
10:30 am  Arrive at 2 Crows Brewing Co.
12:00 pm  Arrive at Murphy’s Restaurant & Patio
2:00 pm  Arrive at the Discovery Centre
4:00 pm  Depart for the Mount
4:30 pm  Arrive at the Mount

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Speakers include:

  • Jeremy Taylor, Head Brewer/Co-Founder and Mitch Gilbert, Brewery Coordinator at 2 Crows Brewing Co.
  • Mary Dempster, Chief Operating Officer for Ambassatours Gray Line, and Murphy’s on the Water
  • Dov Bercovici, President and CEO Discovery Centre

2017 Local entrepreneur and cultural tour. Group photo outside of Pier 21.

The Business Administration and Tourism and Hospitality Management students had a beautiful day traveling around Halifax Regional Municipality on a double decker bus from Ambassatours Gray Line learning from from local restaurant and distillery owners about operating in HRM and they experienced a guided tour and film at Pier 21 learning about the Museum’s role in the tourism industry.

What a success our first Local Entrepreneur and Cultural Tourism Tour was.

Check out our day in photos

Where did we go? See our impressive tour schedule below:

10:00 am Arrive in front of Seton
10:15 am Depart the Mount
10:30 am Talk and eating at Ela! Greek Taverna, Bayers Lake
12:00 pm Travel to Halifax Distilling Co
12:30 pm Tour, talk and tasting at Halifax Distilling Co Tour & Tasting
2:00 pm Travel to Pier 21
2:15 pm Tour and talk at Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21
3:30 pm Depart Pier 21 and return to the Mount

BIG Thank you to our Local Entrepreneurs!