Mount Online Learning Platform Maintenance and Upgrade Activities

Online Learning and IT&S are committed to ensuring that the educational technologies used by faculty and students at the university are properly maintained and upgraded on a regular basis.

Upcoming Moodle Maintenance Period

As part of the annual Moodle maintenance period schedule which occurs in between academic terms, Moodle maintenance is scheduled for Tuesday, August 24 and Wednesday, August 25, 2021 and MOODLE WILL NOT be available to faculty and students during this time. The second summer session ends on Friday, August 20, and it is important to perform security updates, important server maintenance, updates and enhancements prior to the fall term beginning on Wednesday, September 8.

2021 Summer 2 Term

  • Faculty can submit final grades for the second summer session in Moodle outside of the downtime dates – Monday, August 23, Thursday, August 26 and Friday, August 27. Alternatively, final grades can still be submitted using WebAdvisor. If you need help with WebAdvisor to submit final grades, please contact Sherman Keefe in the Registrar’s Office.
  • If your students require content in your Moodle course site to complete coursework during the downtime, please ask them to download it in advance.

2021 Fall Term

  • If you are preparing your fall term Moodle course site(s), please schedule your work around these downtime dates.
  • If you have a fall term course starting early, please note the following:
    • If you require the use of Collaborate during August 24-25, please email and the Collaborate course session link will be shared with you so you can share it with your students in advance. You will still be able to use Collaborate as you normally would – record, share PowerPoints, use the whiteboard and use break-out rooms. A support person can also attend your online class during August 24-25 (upon request only to to ensure everyone joins successfully and that the correct roles are in place.
    • If your students require content in your Moodle course site to complete coursework during the downtime, please ask them to download it in advance.
    • If you would like to conduct a discussion forum or assignment during the downtime, there are alternatives to using Moodle such as Yammer in Office 365.
    • If you were planning to conduct a Moodle quiz during the downtime, please administer it at a different time.

IT&S and Online Learning appreciates your support and patience during this important Moodle maintenance period. If you have other questions or concerns, please contact Kelly Cantelo, Operations Manager for Online Learning.

Annual Moodle Maintenance Schedule

  • Based on the academic calendar term dates, Online Learning and IT&S will be performing important upgrade, maintenance and security tasks in Moodle in between each term.
  • Maintenance periods are chosen based on the last day of classes, exam schedules, and grades needing to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office.
  • During these maintenance periods, Moodle will be unavailable to faculty and students.
  • Normally, the maintenance period is between 2-3 days depending on the level of work being completed.
  • The dates are communicated as soon as possible and in several ways – email, Moodle Dashboard, Moodle login screens, and the Campus Bulletin.
  • If you are teaching a course outside of the regular academic calendar dates and you require the use of Moodle and Collaborate during this time, please email to discuss possible alternatives.