Monique Mullin-Roberts,

MHE, Community Health Board Coordinator
MA Family Studies and Gerontology

As I first became a FSGN student at MSVU, I remember feeling especially comfortable in engaging in class conversation because of the small class sizes. Moreover, the course work and content continuously inspired me to continue learning more.

During this time, I also felt especially supported in my learning as I was able to have a close working relationship with truly dedicated professors. The ability to “know” a professor and build a relationship fostered a genuine interest in my abilities and motivated me to pursue greater academic achievements. I gained a strong work ethic, a well-rounded understanding of family dynamics, and an understanding of the importance of using a strength-based perspective in my work and personal life. I found that the theory, research, and course work was foundational to enhancing learning and providing the necessary enlightenment to move forward with confidence and competence.

Upon graduating, I eagerly accepted a job working at the Parent Resource Centre, which led to full-time employment. I liked my job so much that I stayed with them for eight years. Seeing the results of aiding in supporting these families as well as honouring their role in society was so meaningful to me. I also worked briefly teaching FSGN 2315: “Family Life Education: Principles and Practices” at the Mount, which I found both exhilarating and a significant learning opportunity. Today I work at the Dartmouth Community Health Board, which I have been doing for six years now.

My experience at MSVU has contributed to a strong ability to meet the challenges of my positions thus far and has provided me with the tools to embrace the future with hope and confidence through inspirational learning and motivational professors.