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GTSL 6360
Language Acquisition 0.5 unit
An introduction to the field of language acquisition. Topics include first language acquisition, age, human learning, input, interaction, sociocultural and communicative competence, etc. Note: Students who have received credit for GCRD 6306, GCRD 6307, or GCRD 6360 may not take GTSL 6360 for credit.

GTSL 6361
Linguistics 0.5 unit
An introduction to linguistics, the scientific study of human languages. It focuses on words (morphology), sounds (phonetics), sound patterns (phonology), sentences (syntax), meaning (semantics), and pragmatics (language use in social contexts) in an English language context. Note: Students who have received credit for GCRD 6308, GCRD 6309, or GCRD 6361 may not take GTSL 6361 for credit.

GTSL 6362
Pedagogical Grammar 0.5 unit
An introduction to the syntactic and morphological structure of English. It covers principles of linguistics and language acquisition related to grammar and how it is learned; and examines pedagogical approaches and techniques for fostering development of grammatical competency. Note: Students who have received credit for GCRD 6362 may not take GTSL 6362.for credit.

GTSL 6363
Introduction to TESOL Research 0.5 unit
An introduction to the MA/MEd program in TESOL. It will explore TESOL research and professional issues. Students will engage in careful reading of research literature, examination of professional resources, preparation of abstracts, bibliographies and literature reviews. Guest lectures will elaborate on the diverse areas of TESOL research and practice. Note: Students who have received credit for GCRD 6363 may not take GTSL 6363 for credit.

GTSL 6364
Language Testing and Assessment 0.5 unit
Examines the theories, research, methodologies, and practices in language assessment. Students will consider the issues surrounding classroom assessment and large-scale testing, not limited to, validity, fairness, washback, etc. A number of techniques used in a classroom context will be discussed. Note: Students who have received credit for GCRD 6364 may not take GTSL 6364 for credit.

GTSL 6365
Language Curriculum and Instruction 0.5 unit
Examination of the curriculum and methods used in teaching English both in Canada and abroad. It focuses on unit/syllabus design, analysis and evaluation of selected curricular approaches, pedagogical methods, and trends and issues in language education. Note: Students who have received credit for GCRD 6365 may not take GTSL 6365 for credit.

GTSL 6366
TESOL Practicum 0.5 unit
Consists of a series of seminars designed to examine issues related to contemporary English as an additional language pedagogy. Students will use a variety of methods to promote additional language learning, while, at the same time, encouraging reflective practice. It is a one-term course that includes a 50-hour supervised practicum. Note: Students who have received credit for GCRD 6366 may not take GTSL 6366 for credit.

GTSL 6367
TESOL Instruction in P-12 Classrooms 0.5 unit
Examines the theory, policy, and practice of instructing English language learners in a P-12 content class. Key topics include theoretical foundations of language development and curriculum development that is responsive to ethnic, racial, cultural, linguistic, and social diversity. Note: Students who have received credit for GCRD 6367 may not take GSTL 6367 for credit.

GTSL 6368
Language and Culture 0.5 unit
Explores the interface between language and culture. Students will examine theory and research on culture and communication, e.g., verbal and non-verbal communication, gender, race and class, children’s ethnic socialization, and the status of families as cultural units. The course emphasizes the development of strategies for successful intercultural education. Note: Students who have received credit for CGRD 6368 may not take GTSL 6368 for credit.

GTSL 6369
Technology and Language Education 0.5 unit
Examines the research, theory, and practice of technology supporting language learning and teaching. Students in this course will evaluate the products and processes of integrating technology into language teaching and learning in and outside of the classroom. Note: Students who have received credit for GCRD 6369 may not take GTSL 6369 for credit.

GTSL 6370
Newcomers and Settlement 0.5 unit
An introduction to immigration policy in Canada and its impact on newcomers through a case study approach. The course explores the history and development of immigration policy in Canada and the relationship to sociocultural influences. By the end of the course, students will have a deeper understanding and appreciation of various experiences had by newcomers. Note: Students who have received credit for GCRD 6370 may not take GTSL 6370 for credit.

GTSL 6371
Literacy Development for TESOL 0.5 unit
Focusing on EAL individuals in Canada with limited literacy in their first language. This course will explore the unique characteristics and needs of EAL literacy learners, the challenges facing both teachers and learners, and the theories and pedagogical approaches to instruction that support these learners. Note: Students who have received credit for GCRD 6371 may not take GTSL 6371 for credit.


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