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The Research Master of Arts degree is intended for those who wish to pursue specialized scholarly study under the supervision of a full-time faculty member of the Faculty of Education. The degree can be taken in connection with any of the graduate program areas offered by the Faculty of Education; the focus of the degree is research. The degree requires a minimum of 5.0 units. Coursework will vary according to the background of the student. The thesis can count for a minimum of 1.0 unit and a maximum of 5.0 units.

Students must meet the admission requirements specified for the Master of Arts in Education for the program area in which they wish to study. Applicants must demonstrate an appropriate academic background in the area of research proposed and sufficient research experience to enable them to undertake a major independent research project. Interested applicants should consult with a faculty advisor or the Director of Graduate Education, Faculty of Education.

Applicants must complete the Supplemental Application Form for applicants to the Master of Arts Research available from the Graduate Admissions Officer in the Admissions Office of Graduate Studies and online. The supplemental application must be signed by the Director of Graduate Education, Faculty of Education, who must confirm that the applicant is qualified for admission, that a supervisor with appropriate expertise has agreed to supervise the work and that the resources necessary for the research are available. The program of study must be approved by the Graduate Studies Program and Policy Committee.

Students registered in the Research Master of Arts degree must complete the program of study that was approved in the admission process. This would include a thesis based on research and writing that embodies the results of an original inquiry in education that has been defended at a formal, public, oral examination. Students must register for GREA 6930 MA (Research) Thesis. Coursework plus thesis must total no less than 5.0 units.

GREA 6930
MA (Research) Thesis
This will be required for completion of all Research Master of Arts degrees. Upon agreement of the Faculty of Education and the Graduate Studies Committee this course will carry no less than 1.0 unit and no more than 5.0 units toward the Research MA.

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