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Dr Michael Pin-Chuan Lin
Assistant Professor
PhD, Simon Fraser University

Office: Seton 439
Tel: (902) 457-6220
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I am currently accepting thesis students for MA Education.



PhD, Simon Fraser University
MBA in Information Management, National Formosa University
BBA in Information Management, National Penghu University of Science and Technology

Research & Teaching Interests

My multidisciplinary research and teaching practice focus on uses of educational technology to facilitate active learning in post-secondary classrooms. Through examining students’ and teachers’ use of learning technologies, I seek to deepen understanding of students’ learning behaviours, their motivations to engage in instructional writing activities such as peer review and chatbot interactions, and how learning analytics can promote students’ achievements and self-regulated learning.

Sample Publications

  • Lin, M. P. C. & Chang, D. (2020). Enhancing post-secondary writers’ writing skills with a chatbot: A mixed-method classroom study. Journal of Educational Technology & Society, 23(1), 78-92.
  • Winne, P. H., Teng, K., Chang, D., Lin, M. P. C., Marzouk, Z., Nesbit, J. C., Patzak, A., Rakovć, M., Samadi, D., & Vytasek, J. (2019). nStudy: Software for learning analytics about processes for self-regulated learning. Journal of Learning Analytics, 6, 95-106.
  • Winne, P. H., Vytasek, J. M., Patzak, A., Rakovic, M., Marzouk, Z., Pakdaman-Savoji, A., Ram, I., Samadi, D., Lin, M. P. C., Liu, A., Liaqat, A., Nashaat, N., Mozaffari, Z., Stewart-Alonso, J., & Nesbit, J. C. (2017). Designs for learning analytics to support information problem solving. In J. Buder & F. W. Hesse (Eds.) Informational environments: Effects of use, effective designs (pp. 249-272). New York, NY: Springer. DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-64274-1_11