Dr. Jim Sharpe
Associate Professor

Email: Jim.Sharpe@msvu.ca




Dr. Jim Sharpe was MSVU’s first Dean of Education. Dr. Sharpe has a long history of pioneering innovation in education and was hired in 2004 when MSVU transformed its Department of Education into a Faculty. His term ended as Dean in 2012, and he currently teaches in the Graduate Lifelong Learning program.

Dr. Sharpe has had a long and distinguished career in both teaching and learning. He received a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Mathematics from Mount Allison University in 1973 and his Professional Diploma in Education in 1976 from the University of Alberta.

Dr. Sharpe began his teaching career in Alberta where he taught from 1976-80. He then returned to university to obtain a Master of Arts in Adult Education from Columbia University.

Dr. Sharpe began his career in Adult Education at Saint Mary’s University in 1982. During his 22-year tenure at Saint Mary’s he served as Assistant Director, Director and finally as Dean of Continuing Education. Dr. Sharpe demonstrated a strong commitment to campus and community involvement, serving as President of the Atlantic Provinces Association for University Continuing Education, President of the Canadian Association for University Continuing Education, Chair of the Saint Mary’s Senate Committee on Continuing Education, Chair of the Saint Mary’s Task Force on Community Outreach and Chair of the Saint Mary’s Anti-Racism Committee. Dr. Sharpe also provided leadership to the Metro Council on Continuing Education, serving as Co-Chair, Treasurer, Executive Member and President.

Dr. Sharpe has lectured and published extensively on the topic of Adult Education. He received his Doctorate in Adult Education from the University of Toronto in 2001.