In an effort to make the transition from your teaching qualifications from another province, territory or country to obtain your teaching qualifications in Nova Scotia, we have outlined a procedure for obtaining teacher certification in Nova Scotia, Canada.

  1. Contact the Nova Scotia Department of Education (DOE) – Teacher Certification for an assessment of your credentials. For information on the specific documents required from internationally educated teachers per country please visit the NS Department of Education for the appropriate documents.
  2. If you have all the requirements for certification you can then apply for certification through the NS Department of Education.
  3. If your assessment from the NS Department of Education states that university course work is required, you must forward
    a ) your transcripts from all of the post-secondary institutions that you have attended, and
    b) the letter and assessment form you received from the Nova Scotia Department of Education to the Mount’s Faculty of Education.
  4. The Director of Teacher Education will review your documents to determine the status of your B.Ed. application. If additional university course work is required in order to meet our undergraduate subject area requirements, the Director may provide academic advising or direct you to the Deans’ Office (Academic) for further advising.
  5. After you have all of the information required you must then formally apply to the University as a non-degree student. This requires filling in the Undergraduate application form online, paying the application fee, and submitting official copies of all your transcripts.
  6. When you have been admitted to the university, and if you require education classes, you must bring the university registration form, with the outline of recommended classes, to the Faculty of Education office, Seton Academic Center room 449, to obtain a signatures for entrance into the class. If you are required to complete other undergraduate subject area course work, a signature is not required by the Faculty of Education but may be required by the appropriate undergraduate department.

It is our understanding that once you have completed the requirements of the Registrar of Teacher Certification as outlined on the assessment form, you can then apply for your Nova Scotia teacher certification.