Program Highlights

In this program, you will develop a wide range of skills, knowledge and dispositions of a professional educator. Your professors will emphasize reflective practice, diverse teaching and learning methods, and professionalism. The degree will prepare you to recognize and value teaching and learning as a vital activity across a variety of workplace settings – both inside the classroom and out.

Program Options

You can choose from two programs: the Elementary or the Secondary program. These program options will help you to become a scholar, a teacher or a highly-qualified professional with future leadership potential. Both programs require 10 units of study organized over two years. Read the official Academic Calendar Program Description »

Elementary – The program examines the young learner and encourages reflective practice. It offers courses in philosophy, social and cultural contexts, as well as core curriculum in subjects such as mathematics, language arts and science.

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Secondary – The program has a strong focus on examining contemporary culture and encouraging critical thinking. As a student, you’ll have two focused disciplines within a variety of subject areas such as social studies, English, mathematics, science or French.

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Practicum Experience

One of the important and valued features of the B.Ed program is the practice of the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching and learning. During the two-year program, you’ll have the opportunity to work with experienced teachers and other professionals for up to 24 weeks in a classroom setting. In addition, students who are interested in a four-week Community Placement Option can apply in year two. Learn more about practicum experience »

Small Program with Big Results

Through the combination of course work and practicum experiences, you’ll graduate with skills and abilities that are sought-after in many educational settings at the local, national and international level.

You are eligible to be certified by the NS Department of Education – In Year 2 of the program we support students toward the completion of their NS teacher certification applications. Upon graduation from the program students who applied for their teacher certification will receive their license with their degree at the convocation ceremony. The B.Ed. degree and your Nova Scotia teacher certification allows you to apply for a teaching certification in the other provinces and territories in Canada. Some jurisdictions may require the completion of additional course work to obtain full certification, normally the provinces and territories in Canada recognize the Nova Scotia license for their initial teacher certification. Visit the Nova Scotia teacher certification website »

On-Campus Job Search Event – Students have the opportunity to hear what is available in the various teaching jurisdictions. During the academic year we often have national and international recruiters come to campus and invite students to an information session. The Mount also hosts the B.Ed. National-International Job Search event. School boards, independent schools and recruiters for teachers across Canada and a variety of international locations are on site to greet, recruit and interview students and B.Ed. alumni.

Your Community

As a student in the B.Ed. program, you’ll be invited to participate in many social and professional activities arranged through the student society. Attend PD sessions, workshops, speaker events and job fairs.

Advancing your Career

Our graduates are working across the globe, many right here in Halifax and Atlantic Canada. Our graduates are working as teachers in elementary and secondary schools, adult educators, community educators, corporate trainers, educational administrators, academic advisors and volunteer coordinators.

Meet our Faculty

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Your FAQs

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