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From student to supervisor: one student’s upward journey at Future Inns Hotel

“I knew I needed both work and life experience in Canada. I didn’t want to overwhelm myself with a job that would be extremely difficult, because I was already facing the normal challenges with acclimatizing to Canada. My priorities were learning the Canadian culture, familiarizing myself with a Canadian workplace, and improving my English. I knew this job would let me focus on those things.”

While Fei might have selected this job to learn the basics, it was apparent very quickly to the Future Inns Housekeeping Manager, Marie Aucoin, that he had potential to do more. She had worked with many students over the years, but none rose to prominence in her mind quite as quickly as Fei.

When a Connections Becomes a Career: A BPR Student's Journey to Post-Grad Employment

“Through teaching dance, I learned to have an eye for tiny details. It’s all about picking something apart so you can build it back up. Public relations is just like that.”

Another Year of MSVU Co-op and Work Integrated Learning on the Books (Literally!)

Each year, the MSVU Co-op Office publishes an annual report outlining our activities over the previous year. With co-op, internship and work experience students going out on work terms every semester, it can be challenging for us to find time to reflect on accomplishments in the moment. Building out a comprehensive annual report allows us to do that! It also gives our students, employers and funding partners insight into the work that we do to expand work integrated learning (WIL) across Canada and beyond.

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