Mount Saint Vincent University offers an internship program for Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science students. The internship program is an educational strategy that integrates your academic studies with one paid internship work term with an employer. By completing an internship, you will gain professional work experience in the corporate, government or non-profit sectors.

In preparation for your internship, the Co-op Office will help you with resume writing, cover letter development and interview prep. We host a student professional development event in January to talk about the internship process and navigating the workplace to help you succeed while on the job. During your internship, a member of the Co-op Team will complete a work site visit to ensure you are achieving your learning goals.

Successful completion of the internship program is comprised of:

  • Setting objectives and creating a personal learning plan with your employer
  • Completing a work site visit with a member of the Co-op Team
  • Meeting with your employer to review the end of term employer evaluation
  • Completing a work term report

Benefits of completing an internship:

  • Apply what you are learning in the classroom to a real work environment
  • Develop new skills and knowledge
  • Be involved in challenging and rewarding work
  • Offset some cost of your education with internship work term earnings
  • Explore a career option
  • Build your resume
  • Develop a network of professional contacts
  • Become more competitive for post-graduation employment

Typical sequencing for a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science student

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Be enrolled in the 20-unit Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science program
  • Have a CGPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Complete 15 units of coursework before starting the internship (students who have completed 14 – 16 units before the summer internship may be considered)
  • Declare a major
  • Be a full-time student when applying for admission into the internship program, and the semesters before and after the internship

Eligible students will receive an invitation to apply to the internship program in July.

Interested students must submit an application form to the Co-op Office (email or submit to the Co-op Office at McCain Centre, Room 312) by 12pm on Friday, September 13, 2024. Students admitted into the internship program will complete the internship in summer 2025 (May to August).

The Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science internship program is a limited enrollment program. A maximum of 10 arts and 5 science students will be admitted to the program each year. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission into the internship program.

To apply, submit your completed internship program application package to the Co-op Office (email or submit to the Co-op Office at McCain Centre, Room 312) before Friday, September 13, 2024 at 12 pm.

A completed application package will consist of the following:

  • Application form
  • Writing requirement as outlined in the application package
  • Department Chair’s signature on the application form
  • Transcript from other post-secondary education institutions if you are a transfer student

Within the Arts & Science internship program, the Co-op Office does not commit to recruiting employers and posting jobs related to your specific and unique program major. The commitment of the Co-op Office is to support you in gaining professional work experience that will enhance your resume and give you transferrable skills that you can apply to future jobs.

Below is a list of potential job opportunities for arts and science internship students.

  • Communications Assistant
  • Research Assistant
  • Conservation Engagement Intern
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • Charitable Activities Assistant
  • Procurement & Contract Management Assistant

The internship is valued at one unit of credit. The unit earned will not replace any other courses required in the Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science program. The internship has a tuition fee valued at one unit. Fees are paid through Financial Services and can be viewed on your MyMount account.

There are withdraw fees if you withdraw from the arts & science internship program.

  • 30% of fees will be charged once job postings have started
  • 50% of fees will be charged once interviews have started
  • 100% of fees will be charged once a position has been accepted

*fees are based on the value of one unit of tuition