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Office: EVR 429

Phone: (902) 457-6337

E-Mail: stephen.perrott@msvu.ca

Full Curriculum Vitae


Stephen Perrott is a clinical psychologist who joined the Mount’s Department of Psychology in 1991 after graduating from McGill University. A former member of the Halifax Police Department, Perrott’s focus is in the psychology of policing with secondary interests in occupational and sexual health. Much of his work has involved international development in both The Gambia, West Africa, and The Philippines, Southeast Asia. He delivered the first psychology courses offered in The Gambia’s University Extension Program (1998), served as lead consultant to the Philippine National Police in the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) sponsored “Sex Trade in The Philippines” project (2000-2004), acted as head evaluator for the CIDA sponsored “Peer Health Education in The Gambia” program (2001-2004), and was Project Director for the CIDA sponsored “Community-based Policing in The Gambia” project (2004-2010). Perrott is a frequent media commentator and public speaker and has acted as a regular instructor to the Police Science Program for the Halifax Regional Police and as a lecturer for the RCMP and the Canadian Police College.

Dr. Perrott has provided extensive service to the university and to his broader professional community including acting as department chair, two terms as a university senator, the inaugural chair of the University Research Ethics Board, frequent referee for journal and grant submissions, and as President of the Association of Psychologists of Nova Scotia.

Publications- Last Five Years

Book Chapters

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Journal Articles

Perrott, S. B. & Blenkarn, B. (Accepted Pending Revisions). Motivation, sensation seeking, and the recruitment of volunteer firefighters.
International Journal of Emergency Services

Perrott, S. B. (2014). Utilizing drama to promote gender equity and social justice in The Gambia: Outcomes from a peer health and a
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Perrott, S. B. & Kelloway, E. K. (2011).Scandals, sagging morale, and role ambiguity in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police: The end of
a Canadian institution as we know it? Police Practice and Research: An International Journal, 12 (2), 120-135. Epub ahead of print
November 19, 2010.
DOI: 10.1080/15614263.2010.508983

Evaluation Report (Non-refereed)

Steenbeek, A., Langille, D., Cragg, A., Wilson, K., & Perrott, S. B. (2014). Mount Saint Vincent University Undergraduate Student Sexual
Health Services Survey 2012 (38 pages). Dalhousie and Mount Saint Vincent Universities: Halifax, N.S.