Senior Lab Instructor

BSc (Hons)-University of Guelph, Canada
MSc-University of New Brunswick, Canada

Phone : 902-457-6377

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Introductory Biology I (1152)
Introductory Biology II (1153)
General Microbiology (2202)
Microbial Diversity (2207)
Physiology of Animals (3310)
Principles of Heredity (3370)
Diversity of Animals (2204)

My research background has spanned across a wide range of disciplines including animal physiology, invertebrate and fish ecology, environmental toxicology, and cardiovascular disease research. I have performed exciting research in remote field locations and laboratories for government and academic institutions including the Ministry of Natural Resources, the Ministry of the Environment and Energy, the National Water Research Institute in Burlington ON, the University of Guelph, York University, Laurentian University, the University of New Brunswick (Saint John), and the University of Prince Edward Island. My MSc. research focused on the determination of hormonally-active substances within pulp mill effluent that cause sex-steroid depressions in fish. I currently teach multiple exciting biology laboratories in both fall and winter terms here at the Mount.


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