Malinen profile Dr. KelleyAnne Malinen

Associate Professor

Office: Evaristus Hall 443
Phone: (902) 457-5979





PhD in Sociology – Université Laval
Masters in Sociology – Dalhousie University
Baccalaureate in Sociology, honours – Dalhousie University





For 2021-2022, I am teaching SOAN 1502 (Questioning Society), SOAN/WOMS 3572 (Sex and Sexualities), and SOAN 3501 (Social Theory & Issues).  My teaching engages students in intersectional analyses, with my own foci tending to lie in the areas of Gender, Sexuality, Racialization, and Colonialism.



Like my teaching, my research focuses on issues relating to Gender, Sexuality, and Racialization. Much of my work has focused on sexual and intimate partner violence that transgresses gender norms, such as woman-to-woman sexual assault. Among my ongoing projects, I am editing a volume that looks at how intersectionality and institutionalized privilege and oppressions articulate with sexual consent and sexual violence. I am also principal co-investigator in a research study that examines racialization in the public school system by interviewing teachers of European and African descent. My work appears in the journals Sexuality & Culture, Symbolic Interaction, and Affilia.