Relevant Documents

John Kearney Resigned as SRSF Research Coordinator as of Nov. 28, 2000
SRSF Steering Committee Minutes (Nov 28, 2000)
regarding resignation by Dr. John Kearney
Research Coordinator Workplan Proposal
Research Director Memorandum Response
John Kearney’s Official Letter of Resignation
MRC Withdrawal from SRSF (Oct. 23, 2000) and FFGC Withdrawal from SRSF (Nov. 28, 2000)
Partner Meeting Summaries
Outlining the task and deliverable agreements and decisions
reached between each SRSF Partner Organization and the SRSF St FX Project Director & staff
Bay of Fundy Marine Resource Centre, Fundy Fixed Gear
, Inshore Fishery

Drafts of the documents presented to the St FX SRSF Director
and staff, August 31, 2000, as the agreed upon deliverables and

A Partial Comparison of SRSF Funds Expended in Support of the
Partner Organization Participation & Engagement, January 1-
September 4, 2000

Details the SRSF resources dedicated to each partner
organization as of August 31, 2000
October 10, 2000, SRSF Steering Committee Minutes
Letter #1 from the Bay of Fundy Marine Resource Center
Dated October 23, 2000 (link unavailable)
October 24, 2000, SRSF Steering Committee Minutes
November 28, 2000, SRSF Steering Committee Minutes
Memorandum, November 28th, 2000
Regarding the document circulated by J. Kearney entitled:
‘Report on the Responsibilities and Work Plan of the SRSF
Research Coordinator’