2009 web photo JGordon

Dr. Jane Gordon

Professor Emerita

Department of Sociology/Anthropology and

Department of Women’s Studies


E-mail: jane.gordon@msvu.ca


I have a B.A. from Antioch College and my Master’s and Ph.D. in Sociology from Southern Illinois University. I studied abroad for a year as part of my undergraduate studies and, after my B.A. lived and worked as a volunteer in India. I moved to Canada in 1973 and began working at the Mount in 1974. My two young children and I spent a sabbatical year in Joensuu, Finland, in 1982-83 and a year in Quebec City in 1988-89. Both of the children seem to have caught the travel bug.

Although a full-time member of the Sociology-Anthropology Department for almost all of my service at the Mount, I was cross-appointed with Women’s Studies in 2004 and now teach in both departments.


Most recently I have taught introductory sociology, family, work, and theory, as well as working individually with students in the honours seminar.

In Women’s Studies I have taught the Methodology course, the graduate seminar and Perspectives on Birth, now replaced by a more general course on Women’s Health. I have also worked with a number of Women’s Studies graduate students on theses on health, mothering and childlessness.

Research Interests

Dr. Gordon’s research interests are in women’s unpaid work and gender and education. Among other venues, her work has appeared in Resources for Feminist Research, Women’s Studies International Forum, Canadian Woman Studies and Society/Societe and in edited books. Her interest in piano is also leading her into an examination of women composers. She is also working on a book about a long standing women’s community organization.