GuilfordJanet Guildford (Retired)
BA, MA, PhD, Dalhousie University

Janet Guildford’s research has focused on the history of women in Atlantic Canada. She completed with Dr. Suzanne Morton of the History Department at McGill a second edited collection of essays about women in the region, a follow up to Separate Spheres: Women’s Worlds in the 19th-century Maritimes.

In addition to her scholarly research, she has also worked in the area of public history, especially with the Nova Scotia Museum system. She has co-authored a popular history of Halifax, Halifax: The First 250 Years.

Read her work in Acadiensis, Atlantis, Social History/Histoire Sociale and the Journal of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society. Her most recent work, co-edited with Judith Fingard, is Mothers of the Municipality: Women, work and social policy in post-1945 Halifax.