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The Communication Major is a multidisciplinary program which draws from a variety of approaches, theories, methods and other resources to analyze communication in social, political and cultural environments that are rapidly changing and increasingly complex. This program is designed to meet the needs of students interested in an undergraduate degree in Communication, grounded in a foundation of communication and media theory, research and ethics. Students who have an interest in media literacy, interpersonal, small group and organizational communication as well as the sociopolitical aspects of communication within today’s society are well-suited for this program.

Program objectives:
Students having selected Communication as their major will complement core strengths in Communication with required courses from a number of related disciplines as well as elective courses. Together, these elements work to provide students with an introduction to the dynamic context in which communication occurs

The objectives of this program are to:
* encourage students to develop a broad understanding of communication theory;
* contribute to the advancement of communication as both a field and a discipline;
* provide enhanced opportunities for students to study the contextual nature of communication
in its various forms;
* develop within students an appreciation of the processes which define human communication;
* develop within students an appreciation for and awareness of ethical communication.

Career Paths
Communication students develop both general and technical skills applicable to a wide range of careers. Many students go on to graduate or professional school. The list below is a sample of careers undertaken by students of the program:

Communication Skills:
Copy editor, correspondent, travel writer, photojournalist, reviewer or critic, sports/news announcer, writer (film, documentaries, news, web), film editor, audio/visual technician, advertising copywriter.

Research/Analytical Skills:
Data communications analyst, researcher, web content provider, information architect, new media marketer, media consultant, public opinion pollster, organizational skills, editorial project manager, managing editor, publisher, advertising coordinator, digital media manager, news director, producer, community affairs director, special events promoter.

Interpersonal Skills:
Sales associate, customer representative, media fundraiser, director, social networking coordinator, lobbyist.