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Over 120 students participated in this years CUA SE4D

Participants had the opportunity to learn from 24 social enterprise industry experts, develop their entrepreneurial skill set and put their own social enterprise to the test.

Read our success story published in The Metro News Friday featuring the efforts of one team of students participating in the SE4D event and the highlights from the Mount Media Centre. 

What is Social Enterprise?


A Social Enterprise is any company that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being. According to Jed Emerson, “it is not financial OR social, it is financial AND social. It is the simultaneous achievement of both economic and social values.”

The Event

CUA Social Enterprise for a Day is a collaborative event focused on creating positive change in our communities. Students  will learn about entrepreneurship and create their own social enterprise. All proceeds raised as a result of student designed social enterprises will be donated to a local Halifax charity (TBA).

What it’s all about

DAY 1: Students will learn about social enterprise from an industry expert panel and special guest from CUA, VP of Member Services, Scott Durling. Keynote speaker, Chris Webb, will wrap up the evening with an enthusiastic speech to  motivate students as they endeavor to create a social enterprise of their own. Students will be provided support from Gold Sponsor and partner,The Centre for Women in Business(CWB) and Community Partner, Centre for InCommunity3Entrepreneurship Education (CEED). Dinner is provided by the generous support of CUA.

DAY 2: Day 2: Morning: Students will add the finishing touches to their newly created social enterprise and enjoy a lunch provided by The Centre for Women in Business. Afternoon: Students, facilitators and coaches “hit the streets” of Halifax to sell their business idea. Students will regroup at The Mount to share the success of their day and enjoy a coffee break sponsored by KPMG

How you can support CUA Social Enterprise for a dayInCommunity4

Look for our students downtown on January 29th and purchase their product or service. Interested in becoming a SE4D Sponsor? Contact  on Facebook and Twitter.

CUA Social Enterprise for a Day is made possible by the generous support of our sponsors: