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PSYC_landing_2013Light up your mind with Psychology!


We have a strong Psychology Department here at Mount Saint Vincent University. Our department is committed to a personalized education with easy access to faculty advising,opportunities to conduct and participate in psychology research projects and individualized honours supervision.


While the department's specialty is Developmental Psychology, the research carried out here is, in fact, quite diverse. Some of the faculty research that is presently ongoing concerns eyewitness memory for emotional scenes; gaming and gambling behaviours; development of attention across the lifespan and individuals with attention deficit disorder; the associations among maternal and paternal emotional parenting styles, children's regulation, and aggression, anxiety, and prosocial behaviour in childhood; the associations between meteorology (i.e., weather) and children's emotions and behaviours; and the influence of social and religious control on human rule following behaviour.


Student research is also an important part of our program.


Many of our students design and conduct original studies during their undergraduate years. Project topics of late include the effect of emotion on insight; jurors' personality and criminal convictions; lie detection through instant messaging; predicting motivations to drink alcohol, and the impact of environmental awareness on consumer decisions, just to name a few.


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